Dawn Chang Bombshell Baker ng ParaƱaque ParaƱaque City 26 Baker Dancing, Baking


Dawn grew up in a modern family, where she has two mothers – one is her biological mother who is a lesbian and the other is her foster mother who happens to be her biological mom’s ex-girlfriend. Queer as it may sound but dawn is so proud of having the two ladies by her side in everything that she does. As for her biological dad, he met him through social media and developed a good relationship with him and his family.

Right now, dawn is a part-time dancer and a full time baker who is busy with her small cakes & cupcake business, “dc delights”.

She is happily in love with her Australian boyfriend of two years, and you can tell how in love they are through their couple social media page, “English Tagalog 101”, where they share their adventures and memorable moments as a couple.