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Teen Big 4 exits, 6 new regular housemates enter PBB house

Gary Ann Lastrilla August 09,2015 05:47 PM

This Saturday night, August 8, on Pinoy Big Brother 737, the teen Big 4 finally left Big Brother’s house. They were welcomed by their supporters and ex-housemates in the outside world and was informed of Big Brother’s new tasks for them.

Joining the Teen Power: The Kabataang Pinoy Concert Party on August 14 at the Aliw Theater, each of the teen Big 4 will be given a camera to document daily their preparations for the upcoming concert. This is their first task in the outside world.

As for the other one, they were asked to choose who among the 8 regular housemates they want to enter Big Brother’s house for the night. Ylona, Bailey, Jimboy and Franco have no idea about these regular housemates and they can only choose based on pictures.

The first regular housemate they chose was the 21-year-old “Mr. Kulit ng Japan” Jyo Yokohama. Jyo, on the other hand, chose “Ang Tour Guide Tatay ng Bacolod,” the 28-year-old Roger Lutero. Like the teen Big 4 and Jyo, Roger was also asked to choose and he picked the “Bombshell Baker ng Paranaque” Dawn Chang who is 26 years old. The three of them first entered the PBB house.

Later, the teen Big 4 chose another housemate again. This time, they picked “Ang Soldier’s Boy ng Pampanga,” the 22-year-old Charlhone Petro. Charlhone then picked the 26-year-old Mikee Agustin, dubbed as the “Bungisngis Bebot ng Bulacan.” Since only 6 housemates can enter tonight, Mikee chose the last housemate to enter and it was the 23-year-old Margo Midwinter, the “Independent Sweetheart ng Manila.”

After all the regular housemates have entered the PBB house, celebrity house guest Enchong, who was left inside, gave them their first task that will earn them their home furniture.

More regular housemates are bound to enter Big Brother’s house. Keep on watching, PBB 737 Gold, weekdays at 4 PM and Pinoy Big Brother 737, weeknights at 10 PM and on weekends at 9:45 PM.