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PBB OTSO List: 8 unforgettable 'gulatan' moments inside Pinoy Big Brother house

Pamela Adriano November 02,2018 07:56 AM

Pulling off a Halloween-style horrifying prank that makes a housemate tremble in fear has always been an unforgettable moment on Pinoy Big Brother through the years. Their priceless, genuine fearful reactions have really brought the PBB House down and feel sorry for these victims and made viewers enjoy each moment.

Now that the eighth season of the country’s most anticipated reality show, aptly named Pinoy Big Brother OTSO, is almost upon us, let us look back at those intense “gulatan” moments that left our beloved housemates shookt!

1. The White Lady

PBB Teen Edition 4 housemates Myrtle Sarrosa, Jai and Joj Agpangan, and Karen Reyes were scared and startled by the usual white lady-costumed woman who peeked from behind the door in the girls’ room. When the girls tried to see what really was it, the white lady came in and they started to panic!

2. Tikbalangs

This time, the boys from PBB 737 way back in 2015 showed us that men cannot be always brave! They were running and shouting like children when their special guests or visitors who appeared as Tikbalangs entered the boys’ room. Meanwhile, the girls, really found out how the boys were so scared, most especially when a white lady also came into their room!

3. Kapre

Also during PBB 737, the housemates were horrified with the “kapre” around the pool area. As the acting kapre appeared to them, the housemates all started to run inside. Meanwhile, Bailey May chose to look at the “kapre” while it slowly went inside, but in the end, Bailey couldn’t already contain his fear and immediately ran away from the door.

4. The Clown

PBB Lucky Season 7 housemates were not yet ready to get out of bed except from Marco Gallo, who was actually the first to get up from bed. As he went out from the boys’ room, he seemed like he was feeling something unusual or weird until a clown or joker suddenly appeared from behind the sofa. Marco unconsciously shouted with no voice because of shock and fear! He ran into the boys’ room right away while continuously shouting “Holy God!”

5. The Nun

Going back to PBB Lucky Season 7 again, housemates Kisses Delavin and Yong Muhajil were tasked to change the batteries inside the storage room while someone costumed as The Nun, Valak, was also inside. It was a challenge for both housemates to change batteries in just a matter of 10 seconds. Yong appeared to be more scared of “Valak” more than Kisses because Kisses was the one who actually went inside the room to change batteries and Yong almost just shouted while Kisses was doing the challenge.

6. Those Strange Sounds

We will never really run out of unforgettable gulatan moments in PBB Lucky Season 7  All lights were closed inside the boys’ room as they were teasing and scaring each other and checking if someone scary was there again. Meanwhile, Kisses, Vivoree Esclito, and Maymay Entrata were brave enough to look for it, but in the end, they were still shocked by a strange sound.

7. Long-haired creature

Marco cannot deny anymore that he can be so “matatakutin” almost all of the time! Marco was talking with Kuya inside the confession room when he asked a favor - if the door leading to the house can be opened immediately once he goes out of the confession room. He looked and felt relieved as he went out, but Maymay played a prank on and scared him by acting like a long-haired creature crawling towards him!

8. The Animals

Kisses was busy doing something in the kitchen when “animals” seem to lurk nearby and the sudden noise they make apparently terrified her out of her wits, and we all know how she can get so scared! It was funny how Kisses started to move and pull the chairs while she was constantly shouting in fear! Kisses stopped and looked around until those “hidden animals” again startled her!  

Great memories inside the PBB House are bound to be made again so do not miss PBB OTSO, soon on ABS-CBN!