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8 times Kaori Oinuma’s amazed us with her fighting spirit in PBB Otso

Mary Ann Bardinas January 05,2019 11:04 PM

Behind her kawaii and sweet façade lies a strong and independent lady who had to overcome lot of horrible struggles in life before being able to confidently stand up to where she is now – as the second housemate to land a spot on the highly-coveted Big 4.

As we anticipate the other two housemates who are going to complete the list, let’s take a look back on eight of the most unforgettable moments of Kaori Oinuma in Pinoy Big Brother Otso.

Coincidentally, the “Kawaii Daughter of Japan” was also the second female Star Dreamer to be hailed as an official housemate, next to Jelay Pilones, after besting the other girls in the second preliminary task of Kuya.

Despite having a hard time dealing with her partner ex-housemate Josh Worsley for their first-ever weekly task – the 88-second dance art challenge – especially in convincing him to rehearse, they were still able to pull off their set in the end.

The 18-year-old Filipino-Japanese wowed the panel of judges as she channeled the inner diva in her by impersonating the Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez during their “88 Thousand Challenge”.

Our hearts skipped a bit as well at the moment she surprisingly confessed to fellow housemate Seth Fedelin during their pajama party that she admires him from the very first time they met, but has to control her feelings to avoid awkwardness to ensue between them.

In order to remind her and let her experience a portion of the hardships of her Mama who currently works as a caregiver in Japan, Kuya tasked her, alongside Karina Bautista, to become his “big helpers” and serve their fellow housemates for a number of days.

As a reward for her hard work and to motivate her, he let her talk with her mom via video call.

Her biological Japanese dad might be missing-in-action her whole life, but she’s still blessed to have a doting stepfather like her Papa Jude. Thus, she was filled with overwhelming happiness when she was able to see, hug, and chatted with him personally last Christmastime through the blindfolded noche buena.

Being the eldest among this season’s first batch of teen housemates, she’s expected to act as the “ate” or the eldest sister that the young ones can turn to. Thus, the critical questions the Star Dreamers threw at her zeroed in on her being an “ate” inside and outside the house, to which she responded with the best of her knowledge and sincerity.

After taking on two nerve-wracking and exhausting challenges in the past week, Kaori and the other remaining housemates had to face another task in order to get a chance to join Jelay Pilones in the Big 4. It was indeed tough and body-numbing, yet her determination and ambition fueled her to endure the pain and win!

Good job, Kaori!