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PBB Otso Teen Big 4 Journey: How Lie Reposposa won our hearts with her "pagpapakatotoo" inside the house

Mary Ann Bardinas January 07,2019 05:32 PM

From leaving our stomachs aching due to LOLing (laughing out loud) with her boisterous reaction upon seeing the hosts of It's Showtime and hearing the voice of "Kuya" (which was actually just Jhong Hilario mimicking him) during her Tawag ng Tanghalan stint, Angelie Reposposa, or simply "Lie", did the same when she joined Pinoy Big Brother Otso as one of the first batch of teen housemates for this edition.

Now that she has successfully soared her way to the top as part of the Teen Big 4, let's reminisce some of her memorable moments inside the house.

Right from her initial interview as a Star Dreamer, the multi-talented and lighthearted "Teenig ng Tawanan of Davao" already displayed her vivacity that prompted us that she would radiate fun and immense positive energy to her fellow housemates.

Who would forget that remarkable moment when she went hysterical upon being summoned by Kuya to the confession room for the first time? Their initial conversation truly got her superbly frantic since it was her first time to hear the notable impassive voice of the "legit" Big Brother and she'd been pining to share a moment with him beforehand.

And she proved that we were not wrong with our assumption of her being the big ball of energy inside the house because she indeed had a lot of droll moments from the sec she met the other girl housemates and entered the house up to their very last day together, which we compiled in this video.

While the 15-year-old Davaoeña had been consistently bubbly, she took her mentoring session with Nyoy Volante seriously as she was assigned to impersonate OPM icon Sampaguita for their #PBB88KTask, which she won alongside housemate Jelay Pilones.

In lieu of the Christmas season, Kuya gave each one of the housemates the opportunity to see their loved ones for a limited time through the "Blindfolded Noche Buena". It was her Mama Annabell who dropped by to visit her to check her out and gave her a warm embrace.

She shared another heartwarming moment with one of her parents, this time with her Papa Joe, to whom she had a duet of Erik Santos' "May Bukas Pa" during the PBB Big Otso Concert. It didn't only moved the spectators and the judges, but herself as well as she broke down after their set.

As a part of their challenge to prove themselves worthy of their spots inside the house, the housemates were put on the hotseat wherein they had the choice to either bravely answer or keep mum to the controversial questions thrown by the Star Dreamers-turned-house players.

Amidst the criticisms, such as being an alleged copycat of previous PBB Big Winners Maymay Entrata and Melai Cantiveros to win the public's favor and her failure to do her duties as a leader in some of their tasks.

And all her efforts truly paid off as she triumphantly scored a spot on the Big 4 after garnering the highest number of public votes on the PBB Otso Teens finale last night.

Well done, Lie!