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PBB Otso Daily Update: “Trashion Show” preps in full swing, Kuya to surprise Lou

ABS-CBN.com February 10,2019 11:56 AM

The February 8 episode of Pinoy Big Brother Otso was indeed filled with kilig, fun, and excitement as the housemates continue their preparations for the forthcoming "Trashion Show" that will be held this Saturday,  February 9, inside the house. 

PBB Otso Day 32: Andre, Apey, Fumiya at Yamyam, itinuloy ang hamon ng parusa ni Kuya

However, while the other housemates were busy building their respective costumes, four of them had to temporarily stop -- Andre Brouillette, Apey Obera, Fumiya Sankai, and Yamyam Gucong -- as Kuya gave them their punishment after committing different violations.

It can be recalled that in the past episode, they were told to do the "Gripo Challenge" in order to end their predicament. They had a hard time accomplishing the task since it was difficult to hold the water in a broken container just like what they used, yet they were still able to progress. 

PBB Otso Day 32: Kuya, tinapos na ang parusa nina Andre, Apey, Fumiya at Yamyam

In spite of the difficulty they experienced, the four violators were still able to successfully finish their special task and remove the broken bucket pieces from their both hands. 

Before going back to their weekly task, the aforementioned housemates had a hearty talk with Big Brother inside the confession room, wherein they imparted what they have learnt from their punishment while Kuya reminded them about the real essence of it.

PBB Otso Day 32: Andre at Lou, nag-practice na para sa kanilang trashion show

As soon as his punishment was over, Andre immediately joined Lou in rehearsing for their runway parade in the activity area. To their surprise, the stage was too narrow compared to the ones usually utilized in fashion shows, making it hard for two people to strut on it at the same time.

Just when they thought that idea they'd come up with was brilliant, Kuya told them that what they were doing was wrong and two housemates shall be able to cross the catwalk at the same time.

PBB Otso Day 32: Housemates, nag-alala sa costume ni Wakim sa trashion show

As the other housemates joined them in the rehearsals, they all found it difficult to walk at the same time with Wakim Regalado because of his humongous costume that always hit the person approaching him.

After several trials, he finally came up with the idea of lifting his prop up for others to easily move as well. 

PBB Otso Day 32: Kuya, ipinaalam ang mechanics ng trashion show sa Housemates

As they all went back to finishing their respective trashion pieces, Kuya called the task leaders up to the confession room to advise them regarding the new mechanics of their task. 

In order to win, they need to garner at least 88% in every category and assure that none of them will fall from
the stage lest 1% will be deducted from their total score in their every miss.

PBB Otso Day 32: Andre at Lou, hiningi ang tulong ng Star Dreamers para sa kanilang trashion show

While the housemates are busy creating their attires, Big Brother tapped the Star Dreamers to help them by providing their hair and makeup services, in which they've been training for the whole week as their daily job.

Lou and Andre talked to their reps Shawntel Cruz and Mary Grace Lagos regarding their needs and what they expect. Then, they proceeded to the look test. 

PBB Otso Day 32: Andre, ikinuwento ang kanyang task para kay Lou

Apart from being a weekly task, the Trashion Show will also serve as a surprise for Lou as Kuya divulged to Andre that her two sisters and her mom are going to grace their mini show as surprise guests. 

Since this should remain a secret to her, Andre had been very careful in relaying this news to the other housemates.

PBB Otso Day 32: Kuya, kinilala si Lou sa kanyang pamilya

Unbeknownst to Lou, her Mommy Joy, Ate Nikki, and little sister Raf were already in the confession room and chatting with Kuya. They talked about how she is as a daughter and a sister to their family and how proud and supportive they are of her modeling stint.

PBB Otso Day 32: Andre, nakilala na ang pamilya ni Lou

Everyone were arguably thrilled when Andre, who's romantically linked to her at the present, met her family to instruct them of what they are going to do during the event proper and bonded with them somehow. 

PBB Otso Day 32: Yamyam, ikinuwento kay Fumiya ang kanyang paghanga kay Tori

For the first kilig part of this episode, the viewers were probably shookt and in awe when Yamyam revealed that he's attracted with the sweet and pretty Tori. But he has a girlfriend waiting outside for him so instead of pursuing her himself, he just offered his PSB (Pogi Spiritual Brother) Fumiya his help if ever he plans to who her, which the latter declined since he doesn't harbor any romantic feeling towards her.

PBB Otso Day 32: Andre, binigyan ng head massage si Lou

Of course, the blossoming loveteam of Lou and Andre should not be missed as they thrilled us anew with their romantic moment in the midst of their preparations. He offered her a massage on the head to somehow relieve the exhaustion and stressed caused by being one of the overall in-charge to their their task. 

We can't help ourselves but be excited with their "Trashion Show"!