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10 touching moments of PBB Otso housemates with their dearest moms

Mary Ann Bardinas May 11,2019 04:03 AM

Living up to its tagline “Teleserye ng Totoong Buhay”, Pinoy Big Brother has indeed presented a genuine image of Filipinos through the inspiring anecdotes and the diverse personalities of the housemates and through the attitudes they brandish when being confronted by different unforeseen challenges.

But more than the program’s capability of exhibiting the “pagpapakatotoo” or the unbridled versions of the housemates, what makes each season admirable is how it displayed our close family ties, to which we Pinoys are known the most.

So as we celebrate Mother’s Day, here are some of the PBB Otso housemates’ touching, heartwarming moments with their moms that took place inside Kuya’s house.

In pursuit of making them realize the hardships of their mothers working abroad, Big Brother turned Kaori Oinuma and Karina Bautista into Big Helpers who are tasks to do the household chores inside his house. 

And it was indeed effective as the Kawaii Daughter of Japan enthusiastically told her Mama via video call everything she had learnt as she took on the challenge and imparted how she began to appreciate the unparalleled efforts of her mom and how apologetic she was for not being so understanding of their situation.

During their “day-off”, Karina was bestowed a pampering session inside the house, supposedly to be done by her housemates. But since Kuya is someone who’s unbeatable when it comes to pulling off surprises, this reward came with a totally touching twist – the unanticipated visit of her Mommy Jessica.

In their tear-jerking conversation, the “Miss Independent of Isabela” and her mom exchanged apologies for their shortcomings towards each other, with the latter reminding the former that even though she and her dad are not beside her most of the time, they would always love and be very proud of her. She also advised Karina to already let go of the hatred she kept in her heart for a very long time once she goes back to the outside world.

Apparently, a talent variety show is conducted every season, in which the housemates are able to showcase their hidden and unmistakable talents and at the same time assuring its success for them to win the weekly challenge.

But the program organized by the first batch of Teen housemates had a more sentimental touch as the equally-talented Mommy Sheriel of Jelay Pilones joined her on-stage for an emotive performance of Carol Banawa’s “Iingatan Ka”.

The remaining housemates and Star Dreamers of PBB Otso Batch 1 had to spend the holiday season away from their loved-ones. So in order to bring the Christmas spirit inside the house, Kuya provided the housemates a modified Noche Buena in which they had to put on blindfolds and guess who among the eight persons who would feed them their favorite food was their kin.

Terribly missing her Lola Eva who takes good care of her ever since she was baby, Missy Quinio wasn’t able to hold back her emotions upon the sight of her during the blindfold Noche Buena inside the house. She relayed to Big Brother how grateful she is to Lola Eva for all the sacrifices she did, for being her constant companion in her every endeavor, and for the way she brought her up.

Another housemate to have a tear-jerking encounter with her loving grandma during the Blindfolded Noche Buena was Reign Parani, who broke down upon touching the hands of her Mommy V. According to the “Sporteen Sweetheart of Canada”, they’ve been really close ever since she was still a kid because of the latter’s being a “millennial lola”. On the other hand, Mommy V related that her love for her made her decide to quit her job here in the Philippines and stayed with them in Canada. Their meeting ended with tears welling up their eyes as they parted ways.

After not seeing and talking to her immediate relatives for a very long time due to a family issue, Karina finally had the chance to mend her rift at least with her Lola Celeste during the Blindfolded Noche Buena. They didn’t waste any second to express how sorry they are for the snide remarks they hurled and unpleasant things they did against each other and how much they love and missed one another. After all, forgiveness is one of the real spirits of Christmas, right?

As the first batch of the adult edition of PBB Otso began, the male housemates were immediately welcomed by a tough task, which was to help Star Dreamer Marie Carmen Songalia search for her long-lost mother. They were able to successfully find her and their first-ever meeting ensued after a few days.

Although she’s grateful that she got to finally meet her, the “Longing Anak of Leyte” was seemed to be still in shock and not yet prepared to instantly accept the woman who introduced herself as her mom, Eunice Vergara, based on how she reacted upon seeing her for the first time after 23 years.

Although they had a task to accomplish during that time, Mitch had to be selfish and seized the opportunity for her to see and hold her son after being away from him for a very long time. She exerted all her energies and efforts just to finish her special task, even though that means having to wrestle with the “monster” that visited Big Brother’s house. She succeeded in the end and was able to bond with her beloved Baby Eros within the time Kuya bestowed to them.

Just when Lou Yanong thought that it was just another weekly task they had to accomplish, she was surprised to see her beautiful Mommy Joy and pretty sisters Raf and Nikki waiting for her at the other side of the runway during their Trashion Show. As soon as she reached their position, the four women shared a touching moment on-stage as they merged into a group hug. Lou then introduced them to everyone and watched them sashay on the catwalk one-by-one wearing their gowns that were also made up of recycled materials.

As she wished to give her dressmaker mom a new sewing machine, Batch 3 housemate Shami Baltazar enthusiastically accepted the special challenge given to her – to make a dress using the materials and equipment provided by Kuya. As soon as she finished it, she immediately presented it to Big Brother in the confession room and was surprised to also have the chance to talk with her Mommy Leilani via video call. She successfully accomplished the task and made her mother super happy with her early Mother’s Day gift for her.

Like these housemates, may we also never be ashamed to let the world know how much we love our moms. Happy Mother’s Day!