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PBB Otso B2B Daily Update: Batch 3 eliminated in first round of ‘Pinoy Big Batch-Bakan’

Kristine Chua July 18,2019 01:54 AM

The sixteen “Back-to-Bahay” housemates are finally complete after eight months of having four different batches of teens and adults in the competition. Last Saturday night, the batch winners were revealed determined through public votes. The batch winners in no consecutive order are Lie Reposposa, Yamyam Gucong, Ashley del Mundo and Kiara Takahashi. All four of them will compete in the upcoming Big Night or the must watch grand finals of the competition. Surprisingly, Big Brother announced that there would be eight finalists instead of four, going against the traditional Big 4 of the famous reality series. Big Brother added that the empty seats for the other four finalists will be determined by a challenge called the “Pinoy Big Batch-Bakan.” 

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Lie couldn’t believe that she became the batch winner and jokingly thought that Toni Gonzaga made a mistake calling her name. While Yamyam believes that he’s almost at the finish line of his dreams. Ashley, on the other hand, was shocked that she won and explained that she values the title of Batch Winner more than the grand prize. Lastly, Kiara dedicated her win to her mom. All the batch winners promised that they will give their all to the upcoming challenges. 

Ashley revealed to fellow batch mate, Tan Roncal, that she felt hopeless at the start of the competition because it wasn’t initially her dream and she felt like a disappointment. But after all the challenges she faced inside the Big Brother House, she finally feels deserving of the things she has achieved over time.

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Out of all the batch winners, Yamyam was the most emotional one. Yamyam told the other housemates that his life hasn’t been easy, and it reached to a point where his own mother doesn’t even believe that he could be successful someday. He dedicates his win to his family now that his dreams are finally reachable. “This is not an impossible dream, this is a possible dream,” Yamyam said as proof that his dreams are not impossible to reach.

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The Pinoy Big Batch-Bakan consists of a series of elimination rounds wherein the four batches must compete in. Only two batches will remain after the 2nd round of elimination. One winning batch will remain after a series of challenges and the public will determine who will get the 5th slot for the Big Night among the members of the winning batch. 

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The first elimination round started with each batch’s creative cheers. For the first round of the Pinoy Big Batch-Bakan, all the batches must control a table maze using only four strings and the goal is to shoot the ball in the middle of the maze in 45 minutes. But they must avoid several other holes in the maze and the batch with the least number of balls shot in the hole will be eliminated while the other three remaining batches will proceed to the next round. 

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Batch 1 and 3 were the first ones to do the challenge. Both batches consisting of teen house mates had a hard time communicating during the challenge. Eventually, Batch 3 finally got the rhythm while Batch 1 mastered how to balance the table maze. 

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Next to take the challenge are the adult batches mainly Batch 2 and 4. As compared to the other teen batches, they communicated better and understood the importance of thinking and moving as one during the challenge. After the challenge, it was announced that Batch 2 and 4 both had the highest score with 21 points. 

WATCH: PBB Otso B2B Day 8: Batch 3, nabigo sa unang batch-bakan ni Kuya

Unfortunately, Batch 3 had the least number of score and will not advance to the next round. The remaining three batches will compete in the next series of elimination rounds for the 5th slot for the Big Night. Surely, the last three weeks of PBB Otso will be jam-packed with adventures and challenges for the remaining housemates.