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PBB Otso B2B Daily Update: ‘4G’ and ‘Team LAYF’ left standing in ‘Pinoy Big Batch-Bakan’

Mary Ann Bardinas July 18,2019 03:00 AM

Last week, the four Big 4 of Pinoy Big Brother Otso had a Big “Back-To-Bahay” to determine who is the winner in each batch, as well as who among them is indeed worthy to be hailed as this season’s most deserving Big Winner. 

And last Saturday, July 13, it was already declared that Lie Reposposa of #Batch1AndOnly, Yamyam Gucong of #Batch2getherForever, Ashley del Mundo of #BatchUltimate3hreat, and Kiara Takahashi of #Batch4TheWin are the ones who stood out the most in their respective batches. Although they already got a whopping P100,000 each and a sure-seat on the forthcoming Big Night, the journey of the batch winners, alongside their housemates, aren’t over yet as they’re poised to take on a slew of challenges together dubbed “Pinoy Big Batch-Bakan” in the remaining days of their stay inside the house.


In the “Pinoy Big Batch-Bakan”, the housemates will undergo a series of challenges per batch. The batch who will win in every challenge will be up for nomination, in which the public will vote who among them they would want to make it to the Big Night. Four housemates are going to be chosen to join the batch winners, thus having a Big 8 for this edition. 

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For the second Pinoy Big Batch-bakan, the remaining batches had to crawl through a giant maze, blindfolded, while collecting balls along the way. Whoever gathered the most number of balls and, at the same time, get out of the maze within one hour, would win the round.

The first group to take on the challenge was the #Batch1AndOnly, who finished the challenge with still 19 minutes in their clock.

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Coming in next was the #Batch4TheWin, who apparently had a hard time going through the maze as they failed to reach the finish line. Because of this, the balls they collected were diminished by eight as penalty.

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Last, but definitely not the least, was the #Batch2getherForever, who easily finished the maze thrice, giving them more chances to collect balls. Their third attempt was indeed a buzzer-beater as they’re able to find the exit a few seconds before their time ran out after being hurdled by innumerable dead ends.

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Amassing the most number of balls was Batch 2, who got 63, and was succeeded by Batch 1 who got 51. Meanwhile, The 45 balls collected by Batch 4 was decreased by eight after failing to finish the maze, thus leaving them with only 37. This letdown impeded their chance of heading on to the next round.

Who between 4G (comprised by Batch 1 Big 4 Karina Bautista, Jelay Pilones, Kaori Oinuma, and Lie Reposposa) and Team LAYF (comprised by Batch 2 Big 4 Andre Brouilette, Lou Yanong, Yamyam Gucong, and Fumiya Sankai) will have the first chance to score the highly-coveted 5th seat to the Big 8? Find out by watching the next episode of Pinoy Big Brother Otso!