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PBB Otso Day 66: Kim at Thea, inayos ang kanilang di pagkakaunawaan

Mary Ann Bardinas March 15, 2019 02:00 AM

As the pressure to win their task for this week is taking its toll on leaders Kim Franco and Camille Sandel since its outcome will determine their fate inside the house, this seems to also affect their relationship with one another and with the other Pinoy Big Brother Otso adult housemates.

In the March 14 episode, we witnessed how the rift between them seemed to emerge after a miscommunication regarding the jotting down of the materials needed by each of the character of their “Paa-ppet” skit, as ordered by Kuya.

The “Bro On-the-Go of Davao” relayed the issue to Hanie Jarrar while they were in the boys’ bedroom and later on decided to tuck himself on his bed and read the letter written by his mom. This caught the attention of Big Brother, thus he summoned him to the confession room.

Kim opened up about how his mom’s words never failed to soothe him in the times that he is anxious and depressed. So Kuya advised him to mend whatever misunderstandings he has with the people around him.

Just when they thought that the only thing they should be bothered about is their preparations for the weekly task, Camille and Kim were surprised when Big Brother told them about the nerve-wracking twist: the Big Swap.

They have to choose two of their comrades and have them swapped with the two Star Dreamers chosen by the house challengers. If ever they’ll win, both of them are going to be official housemates and their chosen comrades are going to be automatically nominated. But if they’ll lose, only one of them will be declared an official housemate and the two comrades they chose to be swapped are going to be saved from getting evicted.

As they continued with their rehearsals, the housemates were apparently still having a hard time coordinating their moves, which Fumiya Sankai, who’s not included in their performance for this week due to the injuries he obtained from the first Ultimate Pinoy Big Battle, pointed out to them. At the same time, the task leaders were still having a hard time choosing who among their fellows they should choose to fight for the Camp Star Hunt.

Aside from Camille, Kim also had a mix-up with fellow ex-Star Dreamer Thea Rizaldo, after she suggested to make their routine less complicated in order for them to finish their yoyo challenge as seamless as possible, which irked him. Both units – the boys and the girls – decided to just stick to what they had already come up with.

But this misunderstanding didn’t last long as Thea and Kim had a hearty conversation afterwards, wherein the former apologized for hitting his ego and offending him, while the latter was able to air his sentiments.

When the time came that Kuya asked for the names of the housemates they are going to send to the opposing team, the Scent-sational Stunner of Pampanga wasn’t able to hold back her emotions when she announced in front of everyone that her pick was Shawntel Cruz.

On the other hand, Kim picked Andre Brouillette.

This intense scenario resulted to Muse-ical Daughter of Baguio’s emotional breakdown and walking out as she expressed her dismay and tearfully imparted doubting herself sometimes for not being able to join the housemates in the weekly tasks because she’s always sent to the Camp Star Hunt.

Are Camille and Shawntel going to iron this out? How will this Big Swap affect their performance? Let’s all find out in the next episodes of PBB Otso!

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