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5 reasons why DonKiss is the new kilig loveteam to watch

Pamela Adriano September 11, 2018 07:24 AM
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DonKiss, one of the fastest rising loveteams in the land involving PBB Lucky Season 7 second big placer Kisses Delavin and teen heartthrob Donny Pangilinan, is surely one of the most shipped on-screen pairs today.

From the moment Donny became Kisses’ escort in her debut to the time they were paired up in the movie

Walwal,” fans can’t help but be thrilled with their chemistry. And good news for their ardent shippers, they will soon star in the upcoming daytime teleserye Playhouse.

Here are five reasons why DonKiss is a terrific, kilig loveteam to watch:

1. They are very authentic and natural

When we see them together, their closeness appears natural and authentic. Even if they weren’t shipped as an on-screen pair, it would seem they were together for real.

And, maybe they are truly meant to be, as Donny revealed that their current level of friendship shows that they no longer have any feelings of “awkwardness.”

2. On and off-cam, they bring much kilig

Just like the more established, premiere Kapamilya love teams, DonKiss never fails to electrify growing crowds with much kilig, whether on or off-cam, as they enjoy fun moments together.

We would often see Donny include Kisses in his Snapchat stories and share their bonding moments, whether she is having her make-up done or preparing for the shoot. We would also witness Donny always being there for Kisses, either in assisting her going down the stage in shows or bringing food for her during events. Our kilig hearts, keep still!

3. Their mutual admiration for one another

It goes without saying that an ideal love team should have partners who hold each other in high esteem—a mutual admiration that would make them enjoy each other’s company.

Donny admitted in a Star Cinema chat session that he really admires how positive and smart Kisses is as a person, and this is clearly seen when he stares in amazement at Kisses while she may be talking during interviews. On the other hand, Kisses also stated that she admires Donny and in one of her Gandang Gabi Vice guestings, she admitted that she actually has a crush on Donny.

4. They look so gorgeous together

On a surface level, Donny and Kisses look so gorgeous as a loveteam. Fans go crazy when they post snaps together in their social media accounts, especially on Instagram, as they are indeed appear as a fab pair. Just recently, they both uploaded pics spending time with each other during their tapings for Playhouse, their first-ever teleserye together, opposite Zanjoe Marudo and Angelica Panganiban, that garnered a deluge of likes.

5. They have established a close friendship

They support and value each other as close friends, treasuring those special moments they share. Kisses appreciates how Donny makes her laugh a lot and impresses her with his intelligence. Donny, meanwhile, expresses his wholehearted support for Kisses in any way he can, especially in social media.

At the time Walwal was about to be screened, Donny posted a message for Kisses on his Instagram with a photo of them uploaded.

“If only people could see just how hardworking you are, and how you always look for ways to improve your craft. Can't wait for people to see how well you portrayed your role.”

As such, DonKiss certainly is a new loveteam to watch as they take their first big step to kilig greatness on Playhouse, portraying the young pair Sheila and Zeke, starting September 17 before It’s Showtime.

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