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REVIEW: Fresh take on rom-com makes Playhouse a joy to watch in pilot week

Gerry Plaza September 22,2018 08:37 PM

So many delightful factors truly made Playhouse a very much welcome addition to our daytime viewing. It has since become so enjoyable and diverting that we can’t seem to get enough of it.

While the timeslot wherein it is housed caters to lighthearted and amusing tales, this particular teleserye goes more than that as it really gives much emphasis on effective storytelling amid all the complications that revolve around the characters.

Here are some inherent factors that will make Playhouse maintain its impressive momentum.

1. A relatable, well-presented narrative

While the presentation is by no means linear, the way we came to know Marlon (Zanjoe Marudo) and Patty (Angelica Panganiban) was still very clear and understandable—in fact, so relatable. How Patty’s intent to annul her marriage with Marlon isn’t just the usual treatment of having a simple throwback of misfortunes or misgivings. It presents realistic, well-conceived situations that truly hits home.

2) Superbly crafted, realistic script

When characters engage in conversation, you’d think it’s just someone right around the corner. We are totally familiar with how they talk, how they act because of an identifiable script that uses current lingo to bring messages across.

3) Comedic fervor

Playhouse is certainly not purely a comedy, but we can’t help LOL’ing every step of the way, not only by the way situations present themselves but also due to the comedic fervor of the actors. This especially holds true for Angelica, who has been showing traits of an exceptional comedienne as of late.

4) Easy to digest

You don’t have to think too much to get the point. Viewers would really enjoy something they can easily fathom—a good laid back take on marital woes without any narrative complications whatsoever. It puts a prime on viewer pleasure with all the ingredients that suit their tastes.

5) A new take on romance

Yes it’s about romance, about different kinds of love, something we’ve seen again and again. But Marlon and Patty’s whirlwind affair turned marital debacle, and how they try to pick up the pieces as surrogate parents is something utterly fresh and cunning. You would really root for them and excitedly anticipate what happens next.

Playhouse is surely that feel-good, hilarious, and lovable teleserye that is definitely a joy to watch.