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PAANDAR 2018: 5 times Angelica Panganiban made us love her role as a mom in Playhouse

Krista Baldono December 27,2018 12:31 AM

For her first ever “mommy” role on television, Angelica Panganiban showed us that every kid would really yearn for a mom like her.

As Patricia “Patty” Calumpang in Playhouse, Angelica plays the role of a mother to her godson Robin John Cortes (JJ Quilantang). After the kid’s biological parents died on an accident, Patty came to know that her friends’ last will and testament states that she and her ex-husband Marlon Ilaban (Zanjoe Marudo) shall be the legal guardians of Robin.

When Patty knew this, she didn’t hesitate to take care of Robin. She even yearns to take care of the boy even before she knew it was really her friends’ will. And even though a lot of situations made it hard for her to be Robin’s adoptive mother, Patty pursued Robin to be her child.

Let’s look back on top 5 heart-warming scenes that showed us just how much Patty loves Robin with a genuine motherly love.

1. Patty prayed for her guardianship

If you really want to achieve something in life, you have to pray for it. This is what Patty did exactly. Patty showed how deeply her heart desires to stand as a mother to Robin by getting down on her knees and asking God to let her have Robin as her child. She asked God for wisdom and guidance in her petition to be Robin’s legal guardian.


2. Patty vowed to protect Robin with all her might

During Robin’s school activity, Patty’s role as a mother to him was challenged. When Robin got into a petty fight with another kid, Patty rushed over to rescue him even though she is not a hundred percent well physically. She made sure that Robin is safe and vowed to him that she wouldn’t let anyone hurt him as long as she lives.


3. Patty has let a play area be constructed for Robin

In every way she can, Patty does everything to make Robin happy. Together with Marlon, they constructed a play area for Robin to enjoy with his friends. Whether in small or big things, Patty always shows that the best interest for Robin is what she wants.


4. Patty rejoiced in approval of her guardianship

She asked the heavens to give her heart’s desire, and God heard her prayer. After the prolonged legal process for guardianship, Patty jumped for joy upon knowing that she is approved by the court to be Robin’s permanent guardian. Patty’s overflowing happiness is undeniable, with the tears of joy that streamed down her face.


5. Patty will not let anybody invalidate her guardianship with Robin

Now that Patty has gained the approval of the court, she won’t let anybody disqualify her to be Robin’s adoptive mother. When Patty knew that Robin’s Aunt Natalia Cortes (Maxene Magalona) wants her to revoke her right as Robin’s legal guardian, Patty immediately expressed that she will fight for Robin with all her might. She became more cautious with Natalia, who might have some hidden intentions toward Robin.


With this, Patty has indeed proven to us that no one will stand as a better mother for Robin than her. But still, anything might happen to challenge her motherhood with Robin. What struggles await for Patty as 2019 approaches? Let’s continue to find out in Playhouse, weekdays at 11:30am before It’s Showtime.