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Angelica and Zanjoe eskimo kiss and more for a dare

Isabelle Francez Raymundo September 13, 2018 10:20 AM

Have you ever been excited for Monday come? We sure are, because Playhouse will be hitting televisions next week!

The show is topbilled by Angelica Panganiban who will portray Patty and Zanjoe Marudo who will step into the shoes of Marlon. They are a couple that is set to part ways, until a young boy gives them a complete 180. After the tragic death of their friends, they will have to take care of Robin (Justin James Quilantang) as godparents while trying to sort out their own relationship. 

Clearly, they are not new to diving head first and unprepared for a situation. So, why not challenge them to some dares?

Angelica had to freestyle rap for 30 whole seconds about Playhouse. We are not lying when we tell you, “Oh Playhouse, ang ganda mo,” is pretty catchy. This could be an actual song. 

Zanjoe recited his favorite line so far, “Naaalala ko nga ‘yung laging sinasabi sa akin ni Patty na you bring out the worst in each other. Pero dati hindi ako naniniwala doon. Pero ngayon, naniniwala na ko dahil si Patty, she deserves the best.” That is too easy, so we asked him to do it in a Batangenyo accent 

And then things escalated. Angelica had to look into the camera and ask out her celebrity crush. But since he was already sitting next to her, the actor decided to hold the camera. She couldn’t stop laughing, but still managed to invite him to a meal and water in the cutest way. When asked who she was referring to, Angelica didn’t hesitate to point at her on-screen leading man. 

To cap off the challenge, Zanjoe and Angelica did an eskimo kiss for 5 seconds.