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Angelica shares 3 best ways to get over a break-up

Isabelle Francez Raymundo October 10, 2018 09:17 AM

Most of us, if not everyone, have gone through a heartbreak at least once. In fact, this is exactly why our country was swept by hugots. These quotes about dating and love are often painfully true. It is because they are relatable that made them a trending craze.

But because we are a nation of hopeless romantics, you eventually have to move on from half-joking about whatever failed relationship and start working on that better future. For some, this is a no brainer. Yet, it might seem like an impossible task for others. So, for you or your friend who’s having the hardest time getting over someone, Angelica Panganiban has three sure fire tips for you!

Delete mo na ‘yung mga messages ninyo sa isa’t isa.”

Text and online messages are today’s love letters. That is why you never delete the ones sent by your special someone. Admit it. Whenever you miss them, you would go back and reread all those kilig filled conversations.

Unfortunately, after a break-up is when the urge to backread is at its highest. So, even before you start to doubt your decisions, delete all of them as soon as possible. If you start to feel an itch to talk to that person again, then block them quickly! Cut all forms of communication, as much as possible. “Pagka okay ka na, puwede mo na siya i-friend ulit.”

Itago mo lahat ng mga gamit na nagre-remind sayo tungkol sa ex mo.”

Relationships, especially long term ones, can be fun because you get to share many beautiful moments together. Usually, those memories would have the cutest mementos.

Keep in mind, however, as soon as you call it quits these souvenirs can easily become your worst enemy. That movie ticket from your first date, throw it away. That rose you have stuck in between a notebook, get rid of it. Every gift that person ever gave you has to disappear. Be warned, the deadliest of them all according to Angelica are colognes! Our sense of smell is stronger that you think. You cannot move on if you are constantly reminded by that person. So, try to avoid the usual places you visited together. As well as some activities.

Umiyak ka nang umiyak.”

Once all the physical stuff is done, then comes facing your emotions. There is no going around the pain. You deeply cared for that person and maybe also hoped to have a future with them. It is only normal to be hurt and even miss them. But you have to keep reminding yourself why it did not work out. There is an explanation for why it ended and ignoring that is not going to do you any good.

You need to experience this is for you to learn, otherwise nothing would change. “Bawal ka mag-skip ng kahit na anong pagsubok sa pagmu-move on. Dahil pagka ginawa mo ‘yun, babalik at babalik ka lang din sa dating naging problema.”