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Friday 5: 5 times Marlon, Patty and Robin showed a real home in Playhouse

Krista Baldono March 21, 2019 07:28 PM

While the term “playhouse” connote fantasy or make-believe, the drama Playhouse that told the story of the unconventional bond between Patty Calumpang (Angelica Panganiban), Marlon Ilaban (Zanjoe Marudo) and Robin Cortes (JJ Quilantang) showed a real and strong family. The three of them embraced each other seriously and wholeheartedly in their lives, even if Marlon and Patty were an estranged couple and they weren’t even related to Robin by blood.

When Robin’s parents died, Patty and Marlon were already a troubled married couple in the process of filing an annulment. But upon having the responsibility of taking care of Robin due to their friend’s request on their dying breath, Patty and Marlon willingly accepted being foster parents to their godson.

Patty and Marlon, however, still stood by their decision to separate. Nevertheless, they didn’t let this matter stop them from giving Robin the love of a mother and a father the boy greatly needed. Together, Patty and Marlon set aside their issues with each other when it came to taking care of Robin. They worked hand in hand to ensure the wellness and happiness of Robin, loving and treating him like he is their own child.

Good thing, Robin is also an understanding and loving boy. He didn’t pressure his ‘Nanay’ Patty and his ‘Tatay’ Marlon to stay together just for his sake, because he also wants them to be happy. With this, Patty and Marlon’s efforts to be good parents to Robin worked and the three of them became an unconventional yet a loving family.

They may not be the ideal family that everyone would wish to have, but Patty, Marlon and Robin proved us that they are a true family because they always choose to focus on their unconditional love for each other.

As we bid farewell to this one of a kind family that has indeed touched our hearts, let’s take a look back on their top five heartwarming moments which showed us their great love for each other in this Friday 5 video.