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Leo’s love for family in Sana Dalawa Ang Puso is what we need to emulate this Lent March 28,2018 08:09 AM

Family occupies the largest portion of our hearts. We are willing to give up or do everything just to provide them a good life, just like what Robin Padilla’s character, Leo Tabayoyong, in Sana Dalawa ang Puso did.

Underneath his brusque physique and tough personality lies a man with a soft heart, especially for his beloved family. He juggled a few odd jobs just to make both ends meet as he waits for his departure going to New Zealand.

However, his former work knocked on his door once more, promising to provide all the needs of his family in exchange of his service. With the current condition of his ailing niece and the pursuit of providing a brighter future to his sisters, Leo agreed to go back to the risky job he left long time ago – being an undercover agent in the investigation and detective agency Dagitab.

With his return, the valiant knight-in-shining-armor would not only have to put his life in imminent danger but to leave his real identity and family behind so that he can successfully accomplish the crucial mission assigned to him.

Leo showed the true Lenten value of love for family no matter the risk. No ifs, no buts. Just love.