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Markus Paterson reveals 5 fun facts about Ylona Garcia August 10, 2018 03:31 AM

In Sana Dalawa Ang Puso, we expected a love triangle where Patrick and Cocoy would go head to head for Tads’ heart. After witnessing Cocoy be assaulted by his own father, Patrick and Tads were both ready to offer some sort of help. So, we might see their trio form a close friendship instead.

On the other hand, how much have they gotten to know each other in real life? Markus Paterson shares five fun facts he’s discovered about Ylona Garcia!

The young actress is only either sleeping or singing on set. While her on-screen persona is sweet and optimistic, Markus described Ylona as quite loud and obnoxious. More than a singer, she is also a songwriter and can come up with a song in less than a minute when she’s bored. Aside from this, painting is one of her hidden talents.

Who’s the bully among their trio? And what does Ylona do when she has trouble with her lines? Check out this video and get to know Ylona more, with the help of Markus!