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Friday 5: 5 times Mona and Lisa proved they are always there for each other in Sana Dalawa Ang Puso September 14, 2018 04:47 AM

According to research, seven people around the globe look exactly like us. And Sana Dalawa Ang Puso’s Mona and Lisa (both portrayed by Jodi Sta. Maria) found one of their dopplegangers when the universe let their paths cross.

However, as their story unfolded, the secret behind their identities were finally unraveled when they did not only share the same face because of pure coincidence, but also because they are actually long-lost twins!

They met by chance outside a bar when Mona fell unconscious after being drugged by a certain Mr. Chua and Lisa was fortunately there coincidentally. She took her with them and brought her to the hospital.

Stunned by seeing Lisa infront of her upon waking up, Mona funnily assumed that she was already dead and her doppleganger was her guardian angel. They formally introduced themselves to one another afterwards, with Mona insisting to pay her savior back in any way she wanted.

Upon agreeing to their arrangement and signing the contract, Mona’s painstaking makeover and intensive training to become Lisa finally rolled off.

From having a mere boss and client relationship, they apparently became the best of friends eventually. Attesting to that was when Lisa first broke the news of her marriage to Leo (Robin Padilla) to Mona, even though their deal was already over by that time.

In return, Lisa used to become one of Mona’s go-to person everytime something happened between her and Martin.

Although it was hard for the sisters to process everything, especially for Lisa, they eventually accepted Sandra and began to make up for the times they missed being together as a family.

For their last hurrah, Mona and Lisa once again exchanged identities in order to trick their beaus. But this time, it’s Lisa’s turn to study Mona’s antics, expressions, behavior, and style.