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How a witty and hilarious James showed true love and dedication in Since I Found You

Krista Baldono August 08, 2018 12:51 AM

It has been a good number of months since James Ribs (Empoy Marquez) made us both fall in love and laugh out loud on Since I Found You. Whenever he appears onscreen, James makes viewers crack up with his witty lines and hilarious antics.

But he is of course best remembered in the series for his plucky and audacious pursuit of his lady love, Janice (Alessandra de Rossi).

Aside from his laughable personality, James also showed us his impervious dedication and enthusiasm in what he does. He always faces all his ordeals with a smile and find ways to always stay positive amid the toughest situations.

The Driver

James is the ever-loyal, dependable and incomparable driver of Nathan. He would always understand his boss, whatever state of mind or mood he is in, and supports him in all his endeavors, even in his romance with Dani (Arci Munoz)—not failing in giving “expert” advice in handling relationships with women.

Nathan’s Best friend

For the longest time, James was always at Nathan’s side through thick and thin. When Nathan lost his business after Ginno (JC de Vera) sabotaged his biggest project, James never left his boss even if Nathan could no longer compensate him. He carried Nathan’s burdens as if it’s his own. He also encouraged Nathan to pick up the pieces and rise up again after the numerous setbacks he suffered.

A Resourceful Aide

James never hesitated to speak his mind to Nathan. Whenever James has ideas, comments, or suggestions, Nathan is all ears. Especially during the time Nathan tried to rise again and build his business from scratch, James would offer pieces of advice and even helped do a short and catchy commercial to promote it. James always made himself a part of the solution.

From Driver to Business Partner

Nathan always recognizes his dedication and commitment and because of this, he would reward James for his good deeds. First, Nathan promoted James as his business partner, and then in his new firm, he named him a board member.

Winning Janice’s Heart

Also, as proof of his hard work and perseverance is the way he goes all out in wooing Janice. While Janice initially shunned him, James never gave up and did not take her liking of Nathan personally. James would not harbor any grudges or disappointments, he would only work hard to win her heart. And when the going got tough, James proved his love and saved her from being run over by a murderer in a speeding car. Janice had since opened her heart to her knight in shining armor.

James is always dedicated and devoted to his boss Nathan and ardent and sincere in his affection towards the love of his life Janice. He is a person truly deserving of the fortunate turns in his life.