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The Uniquely Exciting Love Story of James and Janice in Since I Found You

Krista Baldono August 10, 2018 01:36 AM

After months of waiting, they are finally together! James (Empoy Marquez) and Janice (Alessandra de Rossi) are definitely now on their road to their forever in Since I Found You. James and Janice have a unique romance that made everyone swoon. It was an exciting combination of immense hilarity and patient love. They proved to us that love should be unconditional, whatever it takes. This is how their one of a kind love story thrilled us in Since I Found You.


They were both in a situation of one-sided love at first. James had a crush on Janice, while Janice had her eyes on boss Nathan (Piolo Pascual). Not minding this fact, James boldly expressed how much he cared for Janice. He made every effort to ensure her happiness each day. Whenever she’s tired or lonely, James was always on the scene to shed some light on Janice’s day. James didn’t force Janice to like him too. Instead, he became Janice’s most reliable friend. He always reminded her of how beautiful she is inside and out.

His Quest for Her Love

Even though he was friend-zoned, James never stopped caring for Janice. James still tried to win Janice’s heart by “courting” her family. He made every effort to impress her tatay Gerry (Joey Marquez), her sister AJ (Vivoree Esclito) and her son Kyle (Ynigo Delen). He spent time with them and served them with all his heart. Also, James didn’t mind the fact that Janice already has a son. He even commended Janice for doing a great job as a single parent to Kyle. James truly loved Janice with all that she is. Janice on the other hand, appreciates what James does for her.

Falling for James

When James found the perfect moment to show how much he loves Janice, he had no second thoughts about being her “knight in shining armor.” He jumped right in front of speeding car to save her from a murder plot. After Janice saw how James would willingly sacrifice his life for her, she realized how much she cared for James and wouldn’t want him to be gone in her life after all. Janice saw James in a different perspective and fell in love with him eventually. At first, she couldn’t admit it to herself. But then, Janice accepted her fate of falling in love with someone she didn’t expect.

A Perfect Match

As the common saying goes: the more you hate, the more you love. It wasn’t easy for Janice to admit it but her heart could never be this sure, she’s madly in love with James. Of course, James’ heart could never be happier. Now, all his dreams of building a family with her dream girl would come true. His lonely life has come to an end, with he and Janice are now thinking spending the rest of their lives hand-in-hand. 
Definitely a happy ending we also want in our lives.