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Friday 5: 5 most unforgettable 'kilig' moments of Dani and Nathan in Since I Found You

Krista Baldono August 10, 2018 01:42 AM

Nathan (Piolo Pascual) and Dani’s (Arci Munoz) love story is definitely not for the faint of heart. As we witnessed on Since I Found You, their relationship was rough from the start, as they encountered bumps, turns and even crashes in their road to forever. They had their own shortcomings, but what’s admirable is that they both let love go above everything they’ve gone through over and over again. Based on their love story, here are some lessons of love Nathan and Dani have taught us.

Love is Seeing the Best in Each Other

Nathan is the “bossy” type. He has that sense of superiority and is full of pride. But the high-spirited Dani was bold enough never to give up on him. Instead of letting Nathan’s snobbish personality affect her, Dani showered him with goodness. She saw Nathan for who he could become, and Nathan saw her that way, too. Seeing that Dani has a humble and kind heart, Nathan believed Dani will succeed in achieving a lot of things in life. He told Dani how much he believed in her.

Love Understands

Given their huge age gap, they could not avoid misunderstandings. One of their major issues at the start of their relationship is the “weeksary”. Even though Nathan perceived it to be a waste of effort at first, he still chose to understand Dani. After he failed to appreciate Dani’s surprise in their first 2 weeksaries, Nathan surprised Dani and greeted her a happy “2 weeks, 4 days, 20 hours, 35 secondsary” with a life-sized teddy bear and a bouquet of roses.

Love is About Never Giving Up

When Nathan accused Dani of conspiring with Ginno (JC de Vera) to sabotage his project, Dani did everything she can to prove her innocence to Nathan. She understood Nathan’s pain and never gave up on him. She did everything to mend their relationship, at least as friends. Dani continued to believe that Nathan would eventually come back to his senses and realize her worth. Even after their break up, she still tried to help Nathan by finding evidence of Ginno’s evil deeds.

Love is Forgiving

Their split up really broke Dani’s heart deeply. She cried a lot because of the pain Nathan caused her and it wasn’t easy to go through. But when Nathan showed her remorse, Dani accepted him again. Of course, Nathan has to go through a lot first before he got Dani’s yes to be his girlfriend again. He worked hard in earning not just Dani’s forgiveness, but also her family’s forgiveness.

Love is Trusting

Finally, Nathan and Dani are now saying hello to their sweet happy ending. With everything they’ve been through, Dani and Nathan chose to entrust the rest of their lives to each other. They are now ready to face their future together. Since Nathan and Dani found each other, they both have never been the same again. They have let love change them wholly. They never stopped learning from each other and growing in love. And it led them to a blissful life they both deserve.

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