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Sino Ang Maysala: Lucio, kinompronta ang kasinungalingan ni Lolita May 15, 2019 11:04 PM

Lucio’s (Jay Manalo) suspicion about Lolita’s (Ivana Alawi) involvement in Fina’s (Jodi Sta. Maria) case grows deeper. He asks his staff to conduct a private investigation and he discovers that Lolita went to Baguio on the day when Fina’s child got abducted. Lucio can’t recall Lolita telling him anything about the trip.

To inflame Lucio’s anger even more, he discovers that his wife was with Greco (Kit Thompson) in Baguio that time. Lucio gets jealous and outraged, and asks his staff to dig more information about the case.

Later on, Lucio’s staff sneaks inside the apartment of a security personnel holding a CCTV footage taken outside Bogs’ unit the night he died. According to the investigator, the man penned his resignation from work a week after Bogs’ case arose but he surprisingly still manages to support his luxuries despite being unemployed; hinting a financial assistance from a powerful individual.

Then, Lucio decides to circulate the CCTV footage among Bogs’ friends. Apparently, all of Bogs’ pals paid him a visit on the night of his murder.

The group, sans Lolita, meets to tackle the CCTV footages they’ve all received. The discussion starts off with a heated argument as Gaylord (Sandino Martin) accuses Greco (Kit Thompson) of being the only one capable of killing Bogs.

The dispute ends as Juris (Bela Padilla) asks everyone to stop playing the blame game, saying their appearance at Bog’s place that night doesn’t mean one of them is the murderer. After a while, they start looking for Lolita who is out of reached that night.

At the del Rio mansion, Lolita opens the door and is greeted by her furious husband. Lucio pulls Lolita’s hair and drags her out, and forces her to speak the truth about her group’s Baguio escapade. Lucio is completely outraged and takes out his gun to threaten Lolita.

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