Buboy, a stowaway orphan, ends up in barren Baryo Maulap and witnesses what many call as the dance of the fireflies that is said to bring luck wherever they land. Curious, Buboy catches one firefly and traps it in a bottle who happens to be one of the millions of playful wishing stars from the sky, named Starla.

Now stuck on Earth, Starla has to find a way to go back to Star World where she truly belongs. To do this, she and Buboy now go on a mission to grant people’s wishes. One of these being Mang Greggy’s.
Mang Greggy is a town scrooge who many believe to be selfish and indignant. One of his heart’s desires is to be reunited and to reconcile with his estranged daughter, Teresa

Teresa is a ruthless lawyer whose only goal in life is to always be on top. Years later since she left, she is set to come back to her despised hometown, Baryo Maulap, only for one thing—revenge

As fate leads Buboy and Starla to Mang Greggy, everything eventually falls into place, including the renewed prosperity of Baryo Maulap all while attempting to rebuild and reconnect Mang Greggy and Teresa’s relationship

Starla is a story about renewed hope, the warmth of home, love for the family, and forgiveness.