In 1992, A Star Is Born

It all began in April 1992 when Freddie M. Garcia (then Executive Vice President and General Manager for ABS-CBN), together with Johnny Manahan (then Program Director), hatched the idea of creating a stable of new stars exclusively for ABS-CBN. It was then called the TALENT CENTER. Its first major project was the hit afternoon youth show "Ang TV," which was launched in October of the same year and was supported by many exposure-driven activities for the talents such as mall shows, live concerts and even 2 record albums.

Within 2 years of Talent Center, 4 major concerts have been staged, and record albums released by its prime talents have turned gold, even platinum. In October of 1994, Ang TV Generation 2 was launched featuring new stars KAYE ABAD, CAROL BANAWA, MARCK VERNAL, and MARC SOLIS. Talent Center continued to grow and the reputation of its artists also gaining.

1995 - Launching of Star Circle

In November 1995, STAR CIRCLE Batch 1 was formally launched featuring 8 new faces including RICO YAN, REGINE TOLENTINO, and VICTOR NERI. They became instant stars and so, Star Circle Batch 2 was soon launched in April of the following year. The new group was headlined by DIETHER OCAMPO, MARVIN AGUSTIN, MYLENE DIZON and PATRICK GARCIA. Artists from this batch became the stars of the teen drama show, GIMIK, which was launched in June 1996. It also starred Rico Yan and BOJO MOLINA - another Star Circle artist. The show became very popular among young viewers and the clamor for its stars grew along with it; in particular, the Jolina - Marvin, Mylene - Bojo, and Rico - Juday (Judy Ann Santos) love teams. In August of the same year, a Gimik Fans Day was slated to happen at the SM Mega Trade Hall. The event drew an enormous crowd of screaming fans that caused a near breakdown of the venue. Hence, the organizers postponed the occasion for another 2 weeks, and it was later held at the Delta Theater in Quezon City. By September, a third batch of Star Circle was launched featuring PIOLO PASCUAL, KAYE ABAD, PAOLO CONTIS, CHESKA GARCIA, CARLOS AGASSI, KRISTOPHER PERALTA, and Bojo Molina. They were among the first to be cast in ABS-CBN's new daily afternoon drama anthology entitled FLAMES, which was launched in October 1996. A month later, the ANG GIMIK CONCERT was staged at the Loyola Gym, Ateneo de Manila University. It was a major get-together for all Talent Center artists and their fans. 

In February 1997 Star Cinema Productions began filming for FLAMES: THE MOVIE, which starred Jolina Magdangal, Rico Yan, Marvin Agustin, and CLAUDINE BARRETTO among others. Around the same time, Star Circle Batch 1's Regine Tolentino gave prestige to Talent Center and the country as the first Filipina veejay for international channel, MTV Asia. In March, Star Circle Batch 4 was launched, led by CAROL BANAWA, JERICHO ROSALES, NIKKI VALDES, DOMINIC OCHOA, KRISTINE HERMOSA, PAULA PERALEJO, and JULIA CLARETE. A new teen-oriented variety show, KAYBOL: ANG BAGONG TV, was also launched and featured more Talent Center artists. Come July, FLAMES: The Movie was released in theaters and reaped at the box office. This success was followed by the launch of Star Circle Batch 5 which featured the boy group KOOLITS (composed of JOHN LLOYD CRUZ, MARC SOLIS, and BARON GEISLER), BERNARD PALANCA and DON LAUREL. SERENA DALRYMPLE (who was first featured in a fast food chain commercial), and SHAINA MAGDAYAO (sister of popular singer-actress Vina Morales) were signed up as talents and launched as new Talent Center stars. In August, ABS-CBN launched OKATOKAT (with Diether Ocampo, Rica Peralejo, Jericho Rosales, Paolo Contis, and Ena Garcia), WANSAPANATAYM , and ONLI IN DA PILIPINS (with Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin). These shows became launch pads for the featured artists' enduring careers. Star Circle Batch 6 was launched in November, featuring CARLO MUNOZ, DRINIE AGUILAR, BEARWIN MEILY, and JUSTIN CUYUGAN. ROSELLE NAVA, one of Talent Center's first homegrown recording artists, capped off 1997 with the launch of her first album under STAR RECORDS which turned gold only after 2 weeks of release. 

1998 - Rise of the Movie Stars

1998 was the start of a streak of hit movies for Talent Center's prime artists. In January, Star Cinema released the hit Jolina-Marvin starrer KUNG AYAW MO HUWAG MO. In March, Cheska Garcia, Carlos Agassi, Nikki Valdes, Kristine Hermosa, Baron Geisler, and Paula Peralejo joined the Gimik barkada. The following month, Talent Center mounted HIGH FIVE: TALENT CENTER'S 5TH ANNIVERSARY TV SPECIAL. It was a huge party with the fans shown on-air on ABS-CBN. Another Star Cinema made it big at the box office around the same time starring Serena Dalrymple in 'TONG TATLONG TATAY KONG PAKITONG-KITONG. In May, Star Cricle Batch 7 welcomed MIKO SAMSON, ALESSANDRA DE ROSSI, TRACY VERGEL, and JODI SANTAMARIA into the roster of Talent Center stars. Star Cinema's DAHIL MAHAL NA MAHAL KITA starring Rico Yan, Claudine Barretto, and Diether Ocampo took its turn at the box office in June, and became a big hit.

ABS-CBN also opened the DISTANCE LEARNING CENTER, a high school accredited by DECS (Department of Education) which offers flexible school services for kids in showbiz. Another movie, LABS KITA, OK KA LANG starring Marvin and Jolina, was released in August and gained major box office acclaim, along with its Star Records soundtrack. New artists outside of the Star Circle mold were introduced in October. They were WILMA DOESN'T, BENTONG, 92 A.D. (Talent Center's first and only singing group), MICHELLE AYALDE, SANDRA GOMEZ, CELINE LIRIO, and MO TWISTER. In November, the afternoon TV variety show CYBERKADA was launched and gave birth to JCS-the band composed of JOHN PRATS, CARLO AQUINO, and STEFANO MORI. It was also the first show that was line produced by Talent Center. December of the same year, Talent Center mounted the TV Special/Concert/Concept Carnival, and Bazaar project called KRISMASKIPAPS SA FOLK ARTS. It was a day-long activity that culminated in a major concert in the evening that was well attended by over 150 artists of Talent Center and their fans.

1999 - Concert Stars Hit the Stage

Roselle Nava, one of Talent Center's homegrown divas, staged her first major Solo concert in April 26 at the Music Museum entitled ROSELLE UNFOLDS, with guests Randy Santiago and the Hotlegs. In May 9, Star Circle Batch 8 was launched in ASAP, led by Close-up Commercial Model LEANDRO MUNOZ and Australian beauty JANET MC BRIDE. Others in the batch were SARAH CHRISTOPHERS, MIKO PALANCA, CHRISTIAN SANTINO, MIKE YUSECO, and JENNIFER ILLUSTRE. Talent Center began to expand its search to include sexy character actors and video jocks in their lineup. Auditions were held weekly to seek out new artists for new types of shows. In October, Talent Center came out with the first edition of their Artist Video Catalog which was produced in the two weeks of photography and videotaping sessions to come up with a sales and marketing tool for the artists among agencies and producers. There were 160 artists listed in the said Catalog. In the same month, five new artists of differing categories were launched on ASAP. Among them were comedian extraordinaire GABE MERCADO, funny girl IAN "DUDAY" GALLIGUEZ, child diva AYKO MORALES, thespian and singer JM RODRIGUEZ, and actress PAMELA DE LOS SANTOS who was re-launched from Star Circle Batch 1. In November, Sandra Gomez, became the first Talent Center artist to make an international film, under the banner of ABS-CBN ENTERTAINMENT INTERNATIONAL. Talent Center celebrated an early Christmas in December of that year with 2.0 CHRISTMAS AT THE FORT Christmas Carnival, at the Fort Bonifacio Global City.

2000 - Future Super Star

In March 2000, premier diva Carol Banawa represented the Philippines in the Asian Music Festival held for the first time in Manila at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. In April, G-MIK NATION, the first major musical synergy project of Talent Center, Star Records, ABS-CBN Regional Network, ABS-CBN Publishing, and ABS-CBN Entertainment kicked off in Baguio City. The 10-city roadshow series featuring the stars of G-MIK, the off-shoot of the original teen drama GIMIK which starred JOHN PRATS, CARLO AQUINO, STEFANO MORI, CAMILLE PRATS, ANGELICA PANGANIBAN, and MIKO SAMSON. It commenced until October in sold-out venues across the country. In June, Talent Center tied up with Star Teens Canada 2000 and signed up pageant winners CAROLINE NAVARRO and MICHELE BAYLE into ABS-CBN Talent Center contracts. The two star potentials arrived in Manila the following month to begin training for Star Circle. On June 16 Talent Center launched CASTING CHIKA, the first Casting Party arranged for its new, aspiring stars, and the members of the Talent Center ARTIST REGISTRY. It took place at ABS-CBN's Studio One. The new artists who participated were mostly theater actors and commercial models who already have some experience in acting and wanted to crossover to film and television. ABS-CBN's creative community (producers, writers, and directors) came to grace the event and met the new artists. In May, ABS-CBN introduced STAR DRAMA THEATER, a mini-series that featured Talent Center's prime stars in exceptional storylines that run through four to six weeks in once-a-week, one-and-a-half hour episodes. Among the favorites was STAR DRAMA PRESENTS: BURN, which starred DIETHER OCAMPO, VANESSA DEL BIANCO, ONEMIG BONDOC, and hot new discovery CARLA GUEVARA, along with model turned actors JET ALCANTARA and JC CASTRO.

This began a new trend in television drama, a stylish treatment on an emotion-provoking story. Around the same time, Star Cinema released what would be its all-time box-office top-grosser film, ANAK, which starred Claudine Barretto and the Philippines' Star For All Seasons Ms. Vilma Santos. It became one of the most highly acclaimed Filipino films worldwide. It premiered simultaneously in Manila and in Hong Kong where a huge concentration of Filipino OFWs convened to support the film and the cause it espouses-to bring overseas worker parents and their children in the Philippines together in a film that celebrates true family values. ANAK also featured Talent Center artists Baron Geisler, Leandro Munoz, Don Laurel, and HAZEL ANN MENDOZA. In August, Piolo Pascual, one of Talent Center's drama princes was highlighted in the Crown Seven film production LAGARISTA, directed by Mel Chionglo. This is Piolo's launching movie as topbilled solo actor. The first-ever STAR STUDIO SPORTSFEST was held in October at Celebrity Sports Club, Quezon City, where 95 artists from Talent Center competed in six sports events. The excitement-filled and star-studded sports fest was aired over the STAR STUDIO show on its 11:00AM timeslot in ABS-CBN. The following month, Star Cinema's KAHIT ISANG SAGLIT premiered in theaters and hailed a new love team in the person of PIOLO PASCUAL and Judy Ann Santos. The film also starred Leandro Munoz. It became a huge box-offic hit that spinned off to a music recording project and other merchandising projects that also did very well in the market. In December, Star Cinema capped off its very successful year with yet another top-grosser-the multi-awarded film TANGING YAMAN, by highly-acclaimed director Laurice Guillen in her directorial debut.

2001 - Pop Stars

Matinee idols Jericho Rosales, Carlos Agassi, Diether Ocampo, Bernard Palanca, and Piolo Pascual were reinvented and re-introduced on ASAP as THE HUNKS in March 2001. It was Talent Center's answer to the burgeoning boy band demand. They had a regular segment on the hit concert show and performed to a wild, sold out crowd at the Music Museum for their first live concert in July. It was then followed by a road show series and a US tour in November. They also starred in their own sexy comedy show, BORA. Star Circle Batch 9 was launched led by commercial models RAFAEL ROSELL IV and MONIQUE DEL MAR, L.A. MUMAR, JANUS DEL PRADO, HEART EVANGELISTA and Hazel Ann Mendoza. This batch was noted for the having mostly commercial models and relatives of other famous stars as its members. In June, new shows featuring the rising stars batch 9 were launched, including YOUR HONOR (a Richard Gomez starrer with L.A. Mumar and Leandro Munoz), ETO NA ANG SUSUNOD NA KABANATA (with DENISE JOAQUIN, MICHELE ESTEVEZ, CHERRY LOU, Rafael Rosell, Monique Del Mar, and Gabe Mercado). Around the same time, Talent Center introduced musical thespian RJ ROSALES of Singapore Theater fame as he crossed over to the pop concert scene. International beauty Michelle Bayle also gave pride to Talent Center as she became the image model of the Philippine's first internet search engine, YEHEY.COM. The Piolo Pascual-Judy Ann Santos love team continued to soar and reaped yet another unprecedented box office success with BAKIT DI TOTOHANIN, Star Cinema's biggest romantic offering in August of 2001, featuring the alluring ballad "Bakit Di Totohanin" sung by resident diva Carol Banawa.

A fresh new batch of Talent Center artists were launched in September 2001 via ANG TV 2, an encore of the hit show that featured the likes of Shaina Madayao, Serena Dalrymple, DANIEL REYES, ALWYN UYTINGCO, ISSA FABREGAS, LUIGI MUHLACH, KATRINA NAZARIO as its lead stars with a dozen other promising child stars. ABS-CBN also introduced a new brand of seriously hilarious sitcoms with differently exciting themes-WHATTAMEN, featuring Marvin Agustin, Rico Yan, and Dominic Ochoa, back to back with ATTA-GIRL, starring ANDREA DEL ROSARIO, Vanessa Del Bianco, DESIREE DEL VALLE, and Michelle Bayle. In October of the same year, ABS-CBN's top rating noontime show, MTB toured the United States with mainstay Talent Center stars Marvin Agustin, Dominic Ochoa, Rico Yan, Bentong, and Vanessa Del Bianco along with the rest of the zany cast. On October 28 of the same year, Talent Center launched Star Circle Batch 10 through a press conference held at the new 9501 13th floor Function Hall of ABS-CBN's ELJ Building, and a matching media launch on ASAP. MAOUI DAVID, ALFRED VARGAS, ROBBIE MANANQUIL, MARC ACUEZA, DENNIS TRILLO, BEA ALONZO and ADRIAN ALBERT were all part of this batch of 24 new artists. On November 11, more than 2,000 fans filled the Glorietta 4 Activity Hall for the first major Piolo Pascual Fans Day in Manila. His love team partner, young superstar Judy Ann Santos also came to grace the event. It solidified their team up's status in the industry as the new love team to beat. By year end, closed-doors pictorials and remote locations were booked and scheduled for the first-ever controversial 2002 METRO BODY CALENDAR of ABS-CBN PUBLISHING. It featured The Hunks and other sexy stars like Star Circle Batch 10's Robbie Mananquil in never before seen layouts.

2002 - Commercial Stars & Milestones

The 2002 Metro Magazine Metro Body Calendar was finally released, and along with it was the release of STAR MAGIC - The 2000 Talent Center Yearbook, a magazine type photo album of all the 170 stars of the ABS-CBN TALENT CENTER. This same month, a pictorial for Metro Magazine was set for all Talent Center artists in preparation for the group's 9th Anniversary in May. Around the same time, Carlos Agassi proved his worth as the new Amir Of Rap by going on a series of live lounge shows called DICKIE'S NIGHTS which kicked off at Makati's HARD ROCK CAFÉ, rolling out to Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Dumaguete and Iloilo. In February, GOT 2 BELIEVE N MAGIC, Star Cinema's valentine film offering became a huge box office hit. The film starred Claudine Barretto and Rico Yan with Nikki Valdes and Dominic Ochoa in supporting roles. The following month, another success came knocking at Talent Center when The Hunks captures the US Territories Guam and Hawaii and San Diego in the US West Coast in a 3-leg concert tour in March. However, coinciding with this big world tour was one of the biggest tragedies in the ABS-CBN Family-the passing of 27-year old Talent Center artist, Rico Yan, on March 29. With his closest buddies Dominic Ochoa, Marvin Agustin, and Claudine Barretto, the whole network and the country mourned the demise of this very talented and well-loved young actor with monumental memorial TV coverage.

Things continued to move on forward in good faith. In April, commercial endorsements became the fad among Talent Center's stars. MOLECULES launched Marvin Agustin as their new image model. Carlo Aquino modeled for WAGGLE. Kristine Hermosa was signed up by HAPEE TOOTHPASTE, ABE Computer School, and MAXIPEEL Cosmetics. The Hunks were also featured in a COCA-COAL TV ad. John Prats also bagged an endorsement deal for HAWK Bags. TALK N' TEXT also featured Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa in a fresh new television campaign.

In June, Metro Magazine released a special edition issue with the Talent Center stars and Mr. Johnny Manahan on its cover, celebrating its 9th year. K2BU, a new teen drama, was launched around the same time. It starred beautiful teen actress PIA ROMERO along with Star Circle 9's ANGELENE AGUILAR, Ang TV2 star Shaina Magdayao and Star Circle 10's Bea Alonzo. The show also top-billed Alwyn Uytingco and DANIEL KING REYES. A new telenevola, KAY TAGAL KANG HININTAY, starring Ms. Lorna Tolentino, was also launched with Talent Center stars John Lloyd Cruz, DIMPLES ROMANA, Rica Peralejo, and Bea Alonzo also in the lineup. This show gave birth to the John Lloyd-Bea love team. In June 26, another major love team from the teleserye fame, PANGAKO SA YO, made another milestone. Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa starred in Star Cinema's FOREVERMORE, which crystallized the love team's dominion over TV and film audiences.

In July, Claudine Barretto celebrated her birthday through a TV special directed by Johnny Manahan shot at the Folk Arts Theater, entitled JOURNEY OF MY HEART. The star-studded night paid tribute to the actress's many years of sterling acting performances in her many films and TV shows. Another celebrated milestone was the release of Star Cinema's JOLOGS. The long-awaited film directed by Gilbert Perez was released in August top-billed by Assunta de Rossi, John Prats, Onemig Bondoc, Dominic Ochoa, Julia Clarete, Patrick Garcia, Diether Ocampo, Jodi Sta. Maria, Baron Geisler, Michelle Bayla, and Vhong Navarro. The film was a box office success, and was touted to be one of the most sterling ensemble films made with Talent Center artists. Around this time, the streak of commercial success still continued with Piolo Pascual's endorsement of MAX'S Restaurant.

The Hunks continued their world domination performing for Filipinos in the Middle East in September. This was the third leg of their world tour, the first two having been in the US and in JAPAN. The group continued to hit Hong Kong in October. However, one of the the group's members, Piolo Pascual, was also quickly gaining individual acclaim. He was featured with Donita Rose in 9 MORNINGS, a Star Cinema release directed by Joey Reyes and sealed an endorsement deal with SPLASH Styling Aids. Kristine Hermosa capped off the year as she was launched in a new HEAD AND SHOULDERS shampoo ad campaign.

The Star Magic Continues

ABS-CBN Talent Center, now known as STAR MAGIC, now on its 17th year, is indeed growing and getting brighter than ever! To kick-off the anniversary celebation, ASAP 09 shall showcase the Star Magic artists in superb production numbers beginning on June 14. Expect to see Star Magic artists led by Piolo Pascual and Claudine Barretto and the rest of your favorite Star Magic Jewels, Heartthrobs, Cover Boys, Gigger Boys, Cute Girls and love teams. Star Magic also boasts of the products of ABS-CBN's reality shows, the faces everyone loved to follow when watching Pinoy Big Brother, Pinoy Dream Academy, Pinoy Fear Factor and many more that will surely be a feast to the eyes! Also on June 14, Star Magic shall launch its 2010 catalogue, a must-have for producers, casters and fans.

Star Magic is also gearing up for an exciting extravaganza this June in the U.S. This is definitely something to watch out for as more than 40 stars from the roster of Star Magic shall fly to the US to perform for our Kapamilyas. The shows are on June 27 at the Citizen's Bank Arena, Ontario, California and June 28 at the Cow Palace, San Francisco, California. Leading the group are Star Magic's biggest and brightest stars namely Ultimate Hearthrob PIOLO PASCUAL and Optimum Star CLAUDINE BARRETTO. They will be joined by Rockoustic Hearthrob SAM MILBY and Primetime King and Queen JOHN LLOYD CRUZ and BEA ALONZO. The ever beautiful KRISTINE HERMOSA and dashing DIETHER OCAMPO will also grace the events. For sure, fans are looking forward to seeing Tayong Dalawa stars KIM CHIU, GERALD ANDERSON, and JAKE CUENCA. Another loveteam that will bring the house down with kilig is the pair of MATT EVANS and MELISSA RICKS. The young ones will surely be thrilled to see the GIGGER BOYS display their stuff on the dance floor. They are SAM CONCEPCION, DINO IMPERIAL, AJ PEREZ, CHRIS GUTIERREZ, ARRON VILLAFLOR, ROBI DOMINGO and ENCHONG DEE. Girls will scream their hearts out with the COVER BOYS, namely, ZANJOE MARUDO, VICTOR BASA, RAFAEL ROSELL and JON AVILA. Guys need not fret as the likes of ANGELICA PANGANIBAN and ROXANNE GUINOO will make temperatures rise on the onset of summer. Fresh and oozing with talent, it would be such a delight to watch the likes of EMPRESS SCHUCK, ERICH GONZALES, LAUREN YOUNG and MEGAN YOUNG. More dancing is in store with the likes of MAJA SALVADOR, SHAINA MAGDAYAO, RAYVER CRUZ and MICKEY PERZ. Rap is also covered with the Amir of Rap, CARLOS AGASSI. Not to mention, be serenaded by the crooners of Star Magic such as SHERYN REGIS, JED MADELA, NIKKI GIL, RICHARD POON, RONNIE LIANG, JAYR SIABOC, and YENG CONSTANTINO. Any show will be incomplete if there is no one to tickle our funny bones. Laugh your hearts out as KITKAT, EMPOY, CHOKOLEIT and POKWANG take centerstage.

Star Magic has truly gone a long way from the time when then ABS-CBN President and Chief Operating Officer Freddie Garcia and Johnny Manahan hatched the idea of creating a stable of new stars exclusively for ABS-CBN. 1992 was the magical year as ABS-CBN Talent Management and Development Center was brought to life. October that same year, Ang TV, the hit youth afternoon show that spawned many mall shows, live concerts and record albums, was launched. Ang TV was also the door for the likes of the young Claudine Barretto, Angelica Panganiban, Rica Peralejo, Kaye Abad, John Prats, Angelu de Leon, Victor Neri and many more to enter showbiz. Later in November 1995, Star Circle Batch 1 was launched, led by the late Rico Yan. 16 years...16 batches of stars...for sure, ABS-CBN Star Magic shall be around for many years more and the magic ever continuous!

Star Magic artists' big bang in 2011

ABS-CBN Star Magic's roster of artists is gearing to make their mark this 2011. Get ready as Gerald Anderson, Erich Gonzales, Enchong Dee, Shaina Magdayao, Jason Abalos, Maja Salvador, Zanjoe Marudo, Maricar Reyes, Jake Cuenca, Empress Shuck, Matteo Guidicelli, Andi Eigenmann, Rayver Cruz, Melissa Ricks, Matt Evans, Coco Martin and Kim Chiu take their career to a higher level.

Gerald Anderson
Gerald Anderson might have been hounded by issues and controversies towards the end of 2010 but this young man maintained his silence and concentrated on keeping his career moving. Gerald starred in Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo with his love team, Kim Chiu and also added two movies to his list, Paano Na Kaya and Til' My Heartaches End. 2010 was also a fruitful year for Gerald as he was able to show his appreciation towards his fans and loved ones as he held a two day charity basketball tournament with kids and teenagers from his hometown in General Santos City. More reasons for Gerald to be thankful are the acting awards he received for Maalaala mo Kaya's "Lubid" episode as Star Awards' Best Actor Award by a single performance. He is also the recipient of Makabata Award from the Anak TV Awards. This year, Gerald will remain the action prince as he leads Buhawi Jack with new leading lady Jewel Mische. The most talked about movie of Gerald with Sarah Gerenomino started shooting this month. Gerald remains the endorser of Unisilver, Dermablend, Chowking, Clear, Century Tuna, Payless Pancit Shanghai and Nescafe.

Erich Gonzales
Erich Gonzales has slowly made her name in the business after her lead role in Tanging Yaman and Katorse followed by Magkaribal and hit movies, I Do and Paano Ko Sasabihin. She is the favorite cover girl of top magazines in Metro Manila, like Cosmopolitan, Metro, Mega, and Chalk Magazines. She is also the endorser of numerous brands such as Jewels, Sisters, Real Leaf, Pantene, Silka, Olay, Boardwalk Timepiece and Accessories, Skechers, Careline Cosmetics, Afficionado, GAOC, Faces and Curves, Freshlook and Secosana. See more of Erich in 2011 as she regularly hosts for Shout Out! daily in ABS-CBN. Erich will star alongside with former Magkaribal co-star Derek Ramsay in a Star Cinema movie entitled Corazon which will be shown in first quarter of this year.

Enchong Dee
Enchong Dee is not your typical heartthrob. His charisma and natural appeal to the audience are what made him one of the leading young actors in the industry today. In 2010, he successfully played roles in three teleseryes, Katorse, Tanging Yaman and Magkaribal. He also showed versatility in the indie film Paano Ko Sasabihin where he pretended to be deaf to earn the love of a young woman. Enchong shared the silver screen with veteran actors Lorna Tolentino and Christopher De Leon in Sa'Yo Lamang, and made fans fall in love in her first lead movie with movie Erich Gonzales, I Do. For 2011, watch him daily as he continues to host the youth oriented show Shout Out! Watch out for him in a new soap with Erich Gonzales. Enchong's endorsements include Lucky Me Seafood, Coca Cola, Bench, Real Leaf, GAOC and Convergys.

Shaina Magdayao
Shaina Magdayao's acting talent is tested in Alynna. Before that, she starred in Rubi and three movies in a row (Sa'Yo Lamang, Tanging Ina Mo Last na 'To and Shake Rattle and Roll 12). As the top-rating afternoon show, Alyna is extended to air until mid this year. Viewers can regularly watch Shaina every Sunday in Asap Rocks. Her pretty face plus the talent combined with a strong personal relationship with her loved ones, this young lady definitely has a long way to go. Shaina's endorsements include Bench, Calayan, Cose Bags and Accessories, Charmee, Freshlook and Ystilo Salon

Jason Abalos
With his rugged looks and mass appeal, Jason Abalos he has been blessed with projects in his home network. He remains one of ABS-CBN's favorite leading men. He starred in Agua Bendita with Andi Eigenmann and with Shaina Magdayao in Alynna. This year, see more of Jason in Alyna as it has been extended. Also watch out for him in a new project, Agimat: Bianong Bulag. Jason's endorsements include Cotton Club, Jewels, Faces and Curves, Afficionado Perfume, Converse and Gold's Gym.

Maja Salvador
Last year was indeed a good year for Maja as she starred in the afternoon serye PHR Presents: Impostor with Sam Milby and Wansapanatym: Inday Sa Balitaw. She ended the year with an indie movie under Paul Soriano entitled Thelma. The year of the rabbit is another exciting year for Maja as she gears up for a challenging role in Minsan Lang Kitang Iibigan with Coco Martin. She still continues to rock every Sunday in Asap. Maja continues to be the face of Jellybean, Sure White, Sisters, Sun Cellular, RC Cola, and Banana Peel.

Zanjoe Marudo
Tall dark and handome, Zanjoe Marudo definitely stands out as a model and an actor. Despite the issues that recently plagued his personal life, Zanjoe has maintained composure and credibility as an artist. In 2010, he starred in a couple of Precious Hearts Romances series such as PHR Presents Quick Kilig: Love is Only in the Movies and PHR Presents: Kristine with Cristine Reyes, Rafael Rosell and Denise Laurel. Zanjoe also starred in the Star Cinema movie Sa'yo Lamang with Bea Alonzo and Coco Martin. For 2011, watch Zanjoe Marudo as PHR Presents: Kristine unfold it's second book, now with Iya Villana and Bangs Garcia. Zanjoe is still the endorser for Bench and GAOC.

Maricar Reyes
Maricar Reyes star's shined brightest last year as she effectively portrays the role of Samantha, one of the villains in the hit fantaserye Imortal. Maricar was praised for her impressive acting and continue to receive good feedbacks from her role in the said fantaserye. Maricar has given the opportunity to prove that she definitely had a place in showbiz as the hit fantaserye Imortal is extended this year. Maricar's endorsements include Robinson's Department Store, Karat World and Pantene.

Jake Cuenca
Jake Cuenca seems to be very content with his career right now. He has been blessed with numerous projects in the Kapamilya network and the blessings just keep coming. Last year, Jake landed a very interesting role in Mexican telenovela Rubi where he starred with Angelica Panganiban, Diether Ocampo and Shaina Magdayao. He also played a superhero role in the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival entry Super Inday and the Golden Bibe with co-Star Magic artists Pokwang and John "Sweet" Lapus. Jake is also blessed with endorsements like Boardwalk Time, Bench, Nescafe and Calayan. For 2011, Jake will be part of a soap opera soon.

Empress Schuck
After the long wait, Empress Schuck finally got her break this 2010. Empress' career burns brightly where she finally got her first lead role in Rosalka. Another remarkable thing that happened in her career in the last quarter of 2010 is a hosting stint in Shout Out! This talented actress is not just considered as the "empress of drama" but can also be considered as the "empress of endorsements" as she endorses Pantene, Olay. Bum, Freshlook, Skechers and Natasha Sketches.

Matteo Guidicelli
Matteo Guidicelli is enjoying his new career as an actor-singer especially now that his hard work is paying off. 2010 has been a good year to this Cebuano-Italian actor after the huge success of his teleserye Agua Bendita with Andi Eigenmann. His shows abroad with KC Concepcion and Gabby Concepcion become his venue to showcase his singing talent. His luck seems to continue this year as he was about to do a project with Xian Lim and Kim Chiu in the serye Binondo Girl. Matteo remains the endorser of Samsung, Swatch and Smart Communications.

Andi Eigenmann
Andi Eigenmann is hailed as the Heiress of Drama after much success of her first lead teleserye in Agua Bendita. With his good and effective acting skills, Andi undeniably proved herself as one of the talented actress we have today. We also witnessed her versatility as an actress when she did Your Songs Presents: Andi late last 2010. Andi's upcoming project for this year is a soap opera entitled Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin with Coco Martin and Maja Salvador. Andi is also the face of Pantene, Modess, The Ramp Crossings and Prime Skin Care Asia.

Rayver Cruz
Rayver Cruz is definitely one of the most unforgettable stars of the previous year. Being caught up in the issues and controversies, he went out of the box and wowed everyone with his acting skills in his hit series Magkano Ang Iyong Dangal and Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Kristine. For Rayver, there's a lot more to prove this year as PHR: Kristine Book 2 continues. Rayver, aside from being a dancer, an actor and a host rolled up into one is also one of the most sought after product endorser of Bench, The Bar and Adidas.

Melissa Ricks
Melissa Ricks has indeed proven that she is getting better as an artist each year. She is sharpen to be a better actress when she became part of Gerald and Kim's movie Pano na Kaya and currently in the teleserye Noah where she was paired up with Jolo Revilla for the second time. At the same time, Melissa remains to be a loyal endorser of Petite Monde. Like his former on-screen partner Matt Evans, Melissa gets hosting job in corporate events and mall shows out of town.

Matt Evans
After the success of Rosalka, Matt Evans' continues to reign in the Hapontastik spot of ABS-CBN. He was again cast in Juanita Banana paired with Bianca Manalo where he received good feedbacks. Aside from his regular TV show, Matt continues to attend to his out of town commitments. This Walker endorser is into biking not only to keep himself fit but to possibly accept more challenging mature role.

Coco Martin
Coco Martin's transition from Indie to mainstream has made him one of the most in-demand young personalities today. He has starred in Kapamilya teleseryes like Agimat: Tonyong Bayawak, Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo and Idol. Coco has been blessed with acting awards and his most recent being the Makabata Award from the Anak TV Awards. He also made an impression for his performance abroad where his indie film Noy was nominated in the Oscars Awards. This year, Coco will star alongside Andi Eigenmann and Maja Salvador in the new soap Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin and will continue to be the face for his endorsements which are My dentists Clinic, Gold's Gym, Wade Shoes, Belo, Cossack Vodka, Wow Ulam and Bench.

Kim Chiu
Yes! Magazine's Most Beautiful Star of 2010, Kim Chiu is showing no signs of slowing down Kim graced the cover of Cosmopolitan, Preview, Mega, Metro, Meg, Yes! and Chalk with Gerald. Her career is soaring even higher as new challenges continue to come her way. In 2010, Kim worked tirelessly to improve her craft in numerous projects. She starred in the teleserye Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo with Gerald Anderson and also played lead in two movies, Paano Na Kaya and Til My Heartaches End. Before 2010 bade goodbye, Kim was featured in Your Song where she played various roles per episode. For 2011, Kim is more determined to work even harder. She will soon star in a movie with no less than Piolo Pascual for Star Cinema. Fans can also watche Kim in Asap Rocks every Sunday! She will soon shoot for a ABS-CBN's Binondo Girl with new leading men Matteo Guidicelli and Xian Lim. Watch her in Dare You with Ryan Bangs. As for her endorsements, Kim Chiu is known for being one of the artists with the most commercial endorsements in the industry, her endorsements include Rejoice, Chowking, Bench, Whisper, Payless Pancit Shanghai, Coca Cola, Skin White, Unisilver, Bantex, Faces and Curves, L Time Studio, Charms and Crystals, GAOC, and Nescafe