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Spotlight on Jane de Leon November 25,2019 07:14 PM


This week's episode of Star Magic's Spotlight is certainly one for the books. Jane de Leon just turned 21, but she's already the new owner of the most powerful white stone. She will take flight in the near future, but for now, we get to know the other side of this fearless young woman in her Spotlight feature. 

One of the interesting facts about Jane is that she’s an animal lover. She had a pet Labrador when she was five and she loves picking up stray cats. In this video as she shares an anecdote on why she is a very hands on pet owner.  Her fondness for animals is so adorable we decided to bring her to a pet cafe to play with some furry fellas. 

Jane surely loves to cook, do the laundry, and wash the dishes, but what chore is she not fond of? 

Can she put on a lipstick without smudges under seven seconds? Or how about finding all the aces in a deck of cards? It's time for the 7 Second Challenge! Watch the video to find out how well Jane did in these random but fun tasks!

For our last game with Jane, we showed photos which are significant to her and she had to share the story behind those memories. What do you think she'll talk about with a picture of Lady Gaga? Teletubbies? An outdated mobile phone? 

Jane and her brother's favorite past time are wrestling and playing video games and street games together with their neighbors. Watch this video as she talks more about her childhood!