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What's In The Box with Kisses Delavin June 12, 2018 06:14 PM


The challenge started off with an actual living, breathing, and wiggling little worm that most people would cringe away from. But it turns out, Kisses Delavin is not like most people. She did not even hesitate to stuff her in the box nor flinch upon making contact with the tiny creature.


Obviously, the young actress has no fear of the unknown making the next two items a clear walk in the park on a bright sunny day. Fans might remember one of her appearances on Gandang Gabi Vice, Kisses talked about how easily she startles. This then prompted a jump scare prank on her that nearly snatched her soul from her body. It is apparent now, however, that all of that is only a thing of the past.


If her bravery is any indication of her confidence, we won’t be surprised if someday she became one of the biggest actresses of the country.