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102 Questions with Maris Racal July 12, 2018 09:33 PM


We know where Maris Racal started, what her projects are and what she can do. Now we’re getting to know her on a personal level by asking her favorites. 
What’s her favorite taping food? Who’s her style icon? What’s the best advice that she has received from a stranger? 


Perhaps it’s common knowledge that Maris’ musicality is largely influenced by American singer and songwriter John Mayer. And while it may be a little hard for her to pick just a few songs as her favorites, Maris gave us not only 5 but 6 of her favorite hits of the singer. 


Aside from that, Maris also showed us that she can dance not only on the ASAP stage but also while sitting down. And with the hottest dance crazes at that!


MarNigos listen up because this is what you’ve been waiting for from your dear Mamameh! We naturally couldn’t let Maris go without asking her about her onscreen partner Inigo Pascual. Thankfully this forthcoming actress got candid about the real score between them, what “mej” means and what other songs would she gamely dedicate the younger Pascual if given the chance.


Apart from that, she also opens up on her dream destination, her goals and the other things that are on her bucketlist. 


Her age may be a little too young, but Maris is already ahead of her years. That said, we asked her to give an advice to her future self about career, love and life in general. Check out how she too laughed at her own advice! 


Find out all about these things on this video!