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Spotlight on Ysabel Ortega October 05, 2018 12:40 AM

While many might cringe at the idea of being called a Mommy’s Girl, such is not a problem for 19-year-old Ysabel Ortega, as she can also attest that her Mommy Michelle is her best friend.

Sure being an only child can often lead to being spoiled, Ysabel believes she’s not one. But she did point out that she enjoys going to the movies, traveling or just bonding with her mom.

Did you know that her friends call her Chabelita? Yes we’re as surprised as you are! But apparently her name Ysabel has a direct Spanish translation.

We’ve asked Ysabel to do the Fast Talk wherein she had to answer questions about her preference between Sinigang and Adobo, Sneakers and Heels, and Spaghetti and Carbonara, among others.

Since Ysabel is also into dancing, we’ve also challenged her to bring a trending dance number back—the baby shark. She also took on the Tongue Twister Challenge. We all know she sings very well and that she got it from her momma, but what if Ysabel’s asked to sing with a tasty twist. 

But to wrap up her feature she also shared the one insect that she can’t stand and why one should try firing.

We asked her to address and comment on certain pertinent topics to teens like her. Listen as she talks about cyberbullying, teenage pregnancy and helicopter parenting, among others.

Being in a firing range would naturally mean that we asked Ysabel to take on the Firing Challenge. This time, this young shooter showed us her badass side by firing a gloc and a rifle for the first time. 

Ysabel is undeniably one ball of sunshine and light and this personality of hers reflected during certain moments on our shoot.