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Enchong Dee, hindi inurungan ang Kapamilya Chat Bowl Of Dares

Isabelle Francez Raymundo October 16, 2018 09:38 AM

Get ready to explore your adventurous side with Enchong Dee!

Kapamilyas last saw the actor with Erich Gonzales in the afternoon drama The Blood Sisters. Since then, he has launched a travel book entitle Basta Trip Mo which is all about being a “budgetarian”. A guide on how to experience what the world has to offer without breaking the bank.

Now he is taking all of us on a journey to Extreme Ends. As advertised, this reality show aims to showcase the “extremes” of Hong Kong, from the high and lows to the fast and slows. Alongside him to represent the Philippines on this trip is his good friend Ria Atayde.

What does he have waiting in store for fans? You would just have tune in and see! But before that, catch a teaser of his can-do attitude here on Kapamilya Chat as he takes on the Bowl of Dares!

He did an impression of his favorite Kapamilya celebrity which happens to be Kim Chiu. If you follow the actress on Instagram, then you must have seen her IG stories and recognize Enchong’s impersonation of her. “Kim, ‘wag ka magagalit. Favorite ko kasi ‘yun,” he explained.

Alam mo sana mayroon akong ganitong talent, pero wala talaga,” he confessed about freestyle rapping. Nevertheless, he was still game to come up with some bars about Extreme Ends, “We’ll try for you guys, because I love you guys.” Honestly, it was pretty good.

While he may not be proud of his rapping skills, he was more than willing to show off a hidden talent which he gained during his days as a swimmer. “Ito, kaya n’yo ba ‘tong gawin?” he challenged, then began to swing his arms. The trick is they are rotating simultaneously but in different directions. This was naturally part of his stretching routine, but for some reason everyone else was confused and could not do it.

There are so much Enchong is willing to do! Including, looking into the camera and asking out his celebrity crush on a date. Our tip is, since he does not say a name, so just pretend it is you. What are you waiting for? Check out this Entertainment Exclusive!