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Edward Barber plays Basket-bowl October 17, 2018 06:52 AM

“First Love” actor Edward Barber takes on the Basket-bowl Challenge.

In Paul Soriano's "First Love," a woman, portrayed by Bea Alonzo, finds herself hastily diving into a new relationship after finding out that she could die any time due to her heart condition. 

Aga Muhlach plays the guy whose dream is to one day disappear from the planet and "be in space." 

She makes her believe that they were destined for one another, encouraging him to "look for that miracle," as they go on quirky dates that involves them wearing space suits and zookeeper outfits. 

The movie is a joint project between Ten17p, Viva Films and Star Cinema. It was filmed in Canada, and will be released on October 17.