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What's on Maymay Entrata's hot wishlist?

Kaye Ricarte October 20, 2018 10:44 PM

Known for her recent ‘cover girl’ looks, Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 grand winner MayMay Entrata takes on the Metro.Style hot seat to talk about her latest fashion style changes, her bucket-slash-wish list and the true MayMay behind the glitz and glamour on the cover. 

The actress-singer has been causing quite a buzz on the fashion scene with her gorgeous portfolios in recent issues of popular fashion magazines where she posed in luxurious, elaborately-designed dresses with her on-screen partner Edward Barber, that truly captured the fairytale feel. MayMay has also been strutting her impressive sense of style in several appearances in various Kapamilya programs, making us wonder what does it take to capture her style? And so, Metro.Style talks the star to discover the secret to looking like ‘MayMay’.

Despite her extravagant fashion covers, MayMay surprisingly reveals that it’s not at all difficult to capture her signature look. In fact, she reveals to have a ‘boyish’ look with her liking for loose and comfortable clothing. When asked if there are styles she wants to try, MayMay answers that she admires Kapamilya star Erich Gonzales and her simplistic style, noting the actress’ usual thin, long-sleeved sweaters. She also adds Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo and Maja Salvador to her list of style idols. On talks of her style investments and changes, she admits that she’s getting into hats more; trying on different kinds of shoes, as well as practicing her make-up skills.

On talks of her hot wish list, MayMay conveys her desire to be able to travel abroad together with her whole family and to experience attending various fashion shows. She also shares that she wants to be able to learn more from the industry and be better at her profession as an up and coming actress.

As an end note, Metro.Style asks the actress to describe herself by using the word “may” (have), to which the bubbly star answers: may puso (has heart), may kasimple-han (simple), may takot sa Diyos (God-fearing), and may pagmamahal sa pamilya (loves her family).