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Game of Firsts with Edward Barber

Isabelle Francez Raymundo October 26, 2018 07:27 AM

He is one of the most loved young actors of his generation. How could he not be with his growing potential, big round eyes and sweet smile? If we have ever seen a heartthrob in the making, it is him. So, we wanted to get to know Edward Barber more as he made his journey through the entertainment industry.

“My mom will not like me for saying this,” he started off with a laugh. He shared that his mom was a huge fan of Aga Muhlach. Which is why she was beyond excitement when he got a role in “First Love.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever looked up to someone the same way I looked up to Sir Aga,” Edward admitted. He was one of the few artists he knew entering the local world of show business. Sometimes being simply next to him is like a dream come true.

One celebrity, however, that initially scared him was Carmi Martin. It was his first time working with her in “Loving In Tandem” and he felt nervous, to say the least. “She’s quite serious the first time you meet her,” he revealed. Edward made mistakes while shooting their scenes and the director had to remind him to relax. Although after spending more time with the veteran actress he saw how wonderful and motherly she can be.

Life on each set, whether for a series or movie, must be a different adventure for him. But what is his most extreme? Edward retold how he and Maymay went on the fastest and tallest rollercoaster in Europe. He is not a fan of such rides but Maymay managed to convince him by saying, “I won’t go on if you don’t go on and you know how much I want to go on. So, if you want to make me happy you go on the ride.”

This only shows how much Edward is willing to do for Maymay. But is she his first love? You will have to check out this video to find out! All that and more, so don’t miss out on this exclusive interview!