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78 Questions with Ria Atayde

Isabelle Francez Raymundo December 02, 2018 12:18 AM

Interviews are fun because they give fans a chance to meet their idols beyond the roles they portray. But times are changing and sometimes confessions are more often made outside of a studio. So, for a more comfortable setting, we decided to drop by Ria Atayde’s home!

We caught her, just when she was about to start baking for her little brother. She learned the craft of baking as young as 13 years old because she craved for some cookies but could not find any nearby. Growing up with a mother who loved to cook, Ria was already familiar with the kitchen. So, becoming the baker of the family because natural for her.

She once tried to turn this passion into a business. Sylvia Sanchez once had a restaurant and Ria’s desserts were part of the menu. But she started to lose the fun of it all. Now, she only bakes for the family or depending on her mood which has to be at an extreme.

The thing about baking is that everything is precisely measured. You can’t go wrong as long as you stick to a recipe. On the other hand, men do not come with a recipe. Someone supportive and family oriented are two of the ingredients that she hopes to find. More importantly, someone who would respect her as an individual. “Gusto ko I am me. He is him. And together we’re a couple. Hindi ‘yung together we make one person,” she explained.

When it comes to having a partner who is a celebrity or non-showbiz, Ria is open to any flavor. Her last relationship was with a non-showbiz guy, but this is not necessarily a preference of hers. Meanwhile, what could spoil the love is if her family does not approve. Ria values her family’s opinion more than anyone.

It can’t get any more relaxed and at home than this. Check out this video and discover not just one or two or ten but 78 fun facts about Ria!