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LizQuen excited to spend Christmas together and with their families!

Krista Baldono December 06, 2018 12:06 AM

Christmas is in the air indeed, and here is one special gift for LizQuen fans. In this video, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil talk not only about the Christmas traditions they do with their families, but also their Christmas wishes and plans for the upcoming holidays!

First off, the ‘kilig’ love team shared some of their favorite traditions they observe on December 25. In the past years, Enrique always spends Christmas with his family in their Cebu home. He said that they will always have ‘lechon’ in the menu, given that it’s one of their hometown’s specialties.

On the other hand, Liza who spent her childhood in the US, shared that she and her family always listen to Christmas carolers during the season. She also revealed that she writes letters to Santa Claus then, and they would always open one of their gifts during Christmas Eve but leaves the rest to be opened on Christmas Day.

But now that they are both already successful in their respective careers, LizQuen stated that both their families travel during the holidays, which has become their new Christmas tradition.

As for their plans this year, it looks like they will be spending the upcoming holidays not only with their families, but also with each other. Last year, LizQuen proudly let everyone know about their Christmas getaway with Enrique’s family in Spain. This year, Liza revealed that they plan to visit Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The actress added that she’s a huge fan of Disney and Universal Studios, and likes theme parks in general. She shared some details of their upcoming trip, saying that they will be going to a bunch of theme parks for 6 days straight.

Liza also expressed how excited she is because this time, she and Enrique will be spending the holidays with both their families together!

Finally, Liza and Enrique imparted with us the same Christmas wish they have. This is to spend good quality time with their families in the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays. Liza even gave a message for everybody saying: “No matter how busy and hectic life can get for everybody, I hope they always take time to slow things down, focus on what really matters which is family.”

Take it from LizQuen! May we all enjoy and feel the love with our families this upcoming holidays.