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Kisses Delavin plays Fan vs Idol Game

Isabelle Francez Raymundo May 02, 2019 12:02 AM

Nowadays, being a fan is practically a full-time job. You are the firsts to retweet the tweets and double tap the Instagram posts. You never fail to show support and profess your love for them in the comments section. Whenever someone is hating on your idol, you are there to defend them faster than they can say “cancelled”. If they have an upcoming movie, you are present on opening day. If they have a new single out, you are streaming that 24/7 on all devices. If they have an event, you are first in line to see them in person. And do not forget the fan merch, fan art and even fan fiction because that is how much you love your idol.

In fact, there is a term for these super fans—stans—and you would be surprised to see how well they truly know their idols. To put their dedication to the test, we invited Aireen Ortiz who has been a loyal fan of Kisses Delavin since 2016. She will be going head to head with none other than Kisses herself to see who knows Kisses more.

They both knew that the former Pinoy Big Brother housemate’s first ever acting gig was for Wansapanataym’s Amazing Ving series. They also remembered that Kisses has been in three movies, namely “Loving in Tandem” in 2017 as well as “Walwal” and “Fantastica” in 2018.

But who can recall how many times she was nominated on PBB? “Lahat ata na-nominate ako,” Kisses jokingly guessed. How about her first television appearance after PBB? And when did she become a MYX Celebrity VJ? “Oh my god, akala ko May ‘yun,” Kisses was shocked to know the exact date.

Can you guess who won in the end? Check out this video to find out!