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Roxanne Guinoo’s fave Star Circle Quest moments May 13, 2019 03:26 AM

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to honor a mom. This time, we shone the Spotlight to one of our homegrown talents who brazenly set aside her career to become a hands-on mom and wife to her family. Listen to Roxanne Guinoo as she recounts the new life that she has, her gradual showbiz comeback and some other weird stuff like her LSS and favorite Star Circle Quest moments on her first ever Spotlight feature!

Being a mom entails balancing a lot of things and sacrificing some others and one aspect of her persona that Roxanne decided to forego in the past, thankfully for just a little while, was her showbiz career. But now that she’s almost back, we can’t wait to hear from her what changed her mind and brought her back in front of the camera. 

This time, Roxanne took a trip down the memory lane about the good ‘ol days, almost 15 years since she finished among the top 5 of the first season of Star Circle Quest. 

Did you know that it was actually her sister, who’s a frustrated model, who actually urged her to sneak out from their strict parents to go to various casting calls? 

It’s always nostalgic to talk about how the stars started and how they are now. This time, we’ve thought of testing how updated Roxanne is about some of her co-SCQ batchmates! Watch to discover if she won this challenge!

We’ve heard her share anecdotes and experiences about motherhood, on this challenge, we’ll discover how she is when it comes to the nitty gritty stuff! Check out the Si Rox 'Yan/Di Si Rox 'Yan challenge!

Before she became a mother, Roxanne is first and foremost a daughter. After asking her about her famous lines as a mom, this time we shook things up a bit by asking her if she’s Guilty or Not Guilty about hearing these famous Filipina mom lines from her own mother. 

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