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Star Magic Spotlight on Kyle Echarri May 21, 2019 01:58 AM

Being colonized by the Spaniards for over 300 years somehow makes it natural for some of the Filipinos to have Spanish descent. And Kyle Echarri is part of those few, but you know what? This funny kid was able to come up with his “own nationality.” On top of that, he likewise shared on this video what he noticed between his friends from the Philippines and from the US, where he grew up. 

After four fruitful years, Kyle Echarri has now delved into acting while still showcasing what he’s got in singing. Kyle has been making waves lately as Kristhoff Tejada in the trending Kapamilya Gold soap Kadenang Ginto. Although the show is very intense what with all the scheming and confrontations, Kyle assured that they are very much like a family off cam and their days are often filled with fun moments and lessons. 

Aside from doing soaps, Kyle has also debuted his acting skills in the big screen as part of the blockbuster film “Seven Sundays.” But he recalls that it was really his first soap that made him fall in love with acting and somehow cemented his idea that he would pursue it alongside singing. 

Kyle would always fondly recall that he had such a great time in the US while he was growing up and how they would always camp out every weekend. It was also during his time there when he learned how to ride his first dirt bike. Which somehow makes it natural why he was initially hesitant to come to the country. Find out his other reasons by watching this video! 

Another area where he found good friends was when he became part of ASAP GThe six-member teen performing group was launched on ASAP last year. Apart from Kyle, Ylona Garcia, Isabella Vinzon, Jeremy Glinoga, Jayda and Darren Espanto are also part of it. 

Aside from his friends and family, one thing that Kyle is very much concerned with is his younger sister Bella. Watch to find out how much of a “strict” Kuya he is when it comes to the aspect of Bella entertaining suitors. 

He might seem a little too carefree but Kyle is very proud in sharing that he is a huge family guy. He might have a cool set of friends but for Kyle, his family remains his top priority. 

But how do they bond? How many are they in the family? When was the last time that he got scolded by his parents? Find out all the answers by watching this video!