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How Star Magic aspirants make the cut

Mary Ann Bardinas May 21, 2019 09:16 PM

After undergoing full physical makeover and rigorous workshops on singing, dancing, and acting, the time has come for the Star Magic hopefuls to face and introduce themselves to the people who would help make their far-flung ambitions to become entertainment personalities come true.

In the seventh episode of The Journey to Star Circle tagged “Making The Cut”, we’re giving you a sneak peek on what really happens inside the room where the candidates are given the opportunity to show what they’ve got to the executive committee and the film and television production heads of ABS-CBN.

Jitters and excitement surely shrouded them before the nerve-wracking event, but every one of them were still able to stay relaxed and give their best shot as they attempted to impress the panel. They exhibited their talents and displayed their most pleasant looks, at the same time, divulged the respective stories of their lives.

As soon as they left, we get to see how the members of the executive committee huddled as they argue on who among the aspirants should make it to the final cut and be bestowed the magnificent opportunity to be part of the latest Star Circle batch. They pointed out the strengths and amazing things they saw in every hopeful and vowed to fight for him/her to be given a spot in the clique.

Just like in the previous episodes, this would not also be complete without our chats with the seasoned and tenured Star Magic talents featured in this special documentary. We asked them to reminisce how they felt during their respective go-sees and how their journeys in show business have become after that fateful event.

Besides, we also quizzed them regarding their first impression on Star Magic founder and head Johnny “Mr. M” Manahan and their thoughts on the very first time they met him. 

Of course, our talks with them didn’t end without asking for tips on how it may be possible for the hopefuls to last in the industry for a long time like they do.