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Stars, aspirants show why they are “destined for magic”

Mary Ann Bardinas May 22, 2019 12:14 PM

Before the glitz and glamour, some of our fave Star Magic artists, as well the aspirants, shared the hardships they had to go through to be where they are now.

Not everyone has what it takes to be a star, at the same time that show business is definitely not for everyone. 
Some agree that being an actor is a calling, just like any job in the world. You have to be curious and passionate about acting and everything related to entertainment even before you enter the industry, more so if you’re already in it. 

While for others, they deem this as the “easiest” way for them to achieve all their far-flung dreams in life – whopping fortune that can help in the financial struggles of their families and support their other ambitions, plus the inevitable fame that goes along with their chosen career.

Between the two, it’s the latter that is the most common reason why we have a lot of kababayans who yearns to be in showbiz, just like most of the Star Magic aspirants we featured in the third episode of The Journey to Circle, tagged ‘Destined for Magic’.

In their pursuit of providing their respective families better and more comfortable lives, hopefuls JC Alcantara, Anthony Jennings, and Aiyana Waggoner exert every effort that they could in order to relentlessly attend in their workshops despite having to commute their way to ABS-CBN for how many miles and hours. Besides, the plight they’re currently at or they used to have growing up made them more determined and motivated to claim a spot in the Star Circle.

Meanwhile, another Star Magic aspirant Sophia Reyes, who unlike the aforementioned talents came from a family of actresses, aspires to be a part of the industry without depending on the connections or names of her kin, namely her great grandmother late actress Paraluman, her grandma veteran character actress Baby O’ Brien, and her seasoned actress mom Rina Reyes. Growing up surrounded by them, Sophia got curious and inspired since then to be part of their world and does her best to create her own mark by being in the newest batch of Star Circle.

Certainly, this feature would never be complete without some of our homegrown Star Magic artists sharing their own experiences before fame and being in the business, their thoughts on being a member of renowned showbiz clans, the advice they can give to those aspiring to be like them, and their realizations after being in the industry for a very long time.

This episode only proves that there are indeed people who are destined to be the ‘biggest things’ in the industry. However, they don’t only rest on their fate because they also work hard and do a lot of sacrifices just to be where they are at the present.