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Workshops, workshops, workshops for star wannabes!

Mary Ann Bardinas May 22, 2019 12:20 PM

While you think that being a celebrity is all about glitz and glamour, wait ‘til you see the grit they have to go through before claiming their own spotlight.

After going through a full makeover of their physical appearances, the second thing on the checklist of the preparations every aspirant should do is to undergo series of rigorous yet exciting workshops that will help further enrich their capabilities. 

In the fifth episode of The Journey To Star Circle dubbed “Workshops, Workshops, Workshops!”, we give you a glimpse of the intensive trainings that the newest batch of Star Magic hopefuls have to undertake that could possibly turn them into well-rounded talents that can impress in singing, dancing, and acting. In order to grasp the things they do in every session, we had a chat with the facilitators of each workshop who also generously bestowed a few tips that they inculcate in the minds of their trainees.

For Star Magic Workshops Head Direk Rahyan Carlos, who’s already on his 21st year as an acting coach, he always remind his actors to ‘empty their vessels’, which means having to be vulnerable or ‘bukas, basag, wasak’. He believes as well that there’s no such thing as being an actor overnight since there is definitely no shortcut in acting and one can only hone his/her acting prowess via hardwork.

On the other hand, University of the Philippines College of Music professor and voice mentor Raymond Roldan tells his students to make singing a part of their lives just like breathing until it becomes natural for them and, thus, making their own renditions will ensue. He related that his way of seeing the potential in them is with the way they focus on their lessons and the courage they exude every time they fail to do what they are asked. Besides, he encourages them as well to develop a good technique, which they can utilize until they grow old.

Meanwhile, dance teacher Nesh Janiola implements an extensive method of teaching dance that can be easily followed not only by good dancers, but the not-so-good as well. According to her, she addresses their weaknesses first before moving on to more complicated levels of dancing until everyone gets the proper groove.

Of course, we did not forget to include as well our favorite Kapamilya celebrities’ own tales regarding their workshop experiences and their tips for the aspirants on the importance of attending trainings and on unleashing their full potentials in their craft.