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Meet the 12 Tawag Ng Tanghalan 2 Grand Finalists May 27, 2018 04:16 AM
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Talent can definitely come from anywhere and Alfred Relatado, the “Mangingisda Best” from Davao Occidental, is a testament to this. Coming from a family of fishermen, he hopes to finish his studies and become a successful news anchor or an accomplished singer one day. 


From his humble beginnings, Alfred now stands tall as one of the grand finalists who will compete for the golden microphone in Tawag ng Tanghalan. Let’s follow Alfred’s journey from Mindanao to the finals.





Music has the ability to touch people emotionally, when words alone can’t. Jovany Satera, the “DJmazing Singer” from North Cotabato, has learned this after working as a disk jockey in a local radio station. Aside from playing song requests and giving love advice to his callers, he also works as a composer for jingles. He has expressed his love and passion for music through various forms and now, he is definitely ready to let his voice be heard by a bigger audience. Jovany is now one of the grand finalists who will compete for the golden microphone in Tawag ng Tanghalan. Let’s follow Jovany’s journey from Mindanao to the finals.





Our contender from Luzon has loved singing ever since he was a kid. When he was young, Anton Antenorcruz joined the choir and singing competitions to pursue his passion. Unfortunately as he got older, the hectic schedule of being a flight attendant didn’t allow him to continue his love for music. Although he is thankful for his job as he gets to travel to different places in the world, he still longs for his chance to sing on stage. 
Now that he as a shot at the spotlight again, expect Anton to give it his all and hold nothing back. Let’s watch Anton and his journey to the finals as he pours out his heart onstage.





Our Visayas contender hails from a big family in Negros Occidental. Coming from a family known for singers, one can say that for Remy Luntayao, singing is in her blood. She and her family are often invited to sing in fiestas and competitions in their community. Unfortunately, Remy had to stop her studies because her mother got sick. However, that didn’t stop our young diva from pursuing her dreams, regularly competing in singing contests to help her family care for their mother. As a result, their house is filled with trophies from the competitions Remy has won. 
Will the golden microphone find a place in her home too? Let’s follow her on journey to the finals to find out





As the common inspirational thought goes, “setbacks are set-ups for a comeback”. This motivational statement actually happened in the life of the TNT Global Finalist, Makoto Inoue. As a public school teacher from Japan, he teaches his students to pursue their dreams. Yet even the encouragers also experience some discouragements and need reassuring moments at times. A reassurance that he has the power to pursue his dreams… this is what the competition gave him.


As Makoto Inoue continues his journey on Tawag ng Tanghalan, let’s recall his emulous moments when he fought for achieving his spot in the Grand Finals.





Tondo-raised, Japan-destined, U.S.-based and soon perhaps, Manila-bound? For Steven Paysu of Fontana, California, his long-time dream of being a singer has much to do with his life’s journeys.


Here are some of the memorable moments in Steven’s journey to the Tawag Ng Tanghalan Huling Tapatan Grand Finals which gave us the #feels and nary a dry eye among the studio audience, madlang people and hurados!





Some of us are likely to get disheartened easily in times of failure, but not Tawag ng Tanghalan grand finalist Sofronio Vasquez. After having a taste of being a defending champion once in the pilot season, he tried his luck again fueled by hurado Billy Crawford’s appreciation to his vocal prowess comparable to well-known international singers and the inspiration given by his ailing father. 


Now, he’s one of the contenders we are rooting for to be the next grand winner in the highly anticipated Grand Showdown. But before that, let’s reminisce first how the “Running Crooner” of Misamis Occidental.





Life was tough for Tawag ng Tanghalan grand finalist Tuko delos Reyes. But gumption or ‘diskarte’ was his weapon to overcome all the hurdles that came his way. At a very young age, he was forced to juggle a variety of odd jobs – from vending pandesal, barbecue, and ice cream to using his vocal talent to carol around – for him to finish his education. Through his unwavering faith, guts, and diligence, the Aurora native graduated in college. However, his income still wasn’t enough for their family, so he tried scavenging for scraps then sold it to junkshops for extra profit. Everything just turned out better when he worked as a waiter and met someone who helped him land a better opportunity in Boracay, where he became a singer.


Now that he’s inches away from snagging the sought-after grand winner trophy, let us take you back to his TNT journey that will surely inspire to continue moving forward.





Ever since she was a child, Tawag ng Tanghalan contender Janine Berdin already knew that show business is the path she really wanted to take. Her ticket to the industry was joining the Star Circle Quest: Search for the Next Kiddie Superstars 4 where she finished as the 4th semi-finalist.


She once again tried her luck by joining The Voice Kids PH and Tawag ng Tanghalan Season 1 but failed. Instead of getting disheartened, these failures fueled Janine to keep on going and attempting until she succeeds. Now, she’s one of the grand finalists vying for the TNT Season 2 championship trophy because of her gut-wrenching and powerful semis entries that have gone viral. 
Before we witness how she’ll fare in the grand showdown, let’s reminisce the journey of the “Cadets My Girl ng Cebu.”





With his handsomeness and charm, complemented by his resplendent voice, it's no-brainer why and how Tawag ng Tanghalan finalist Reggie Tortugo immediately captured our attention.But before using this gift to swoon our hearts, he first utilized this to support his family in Ormoc City, Leyte when he began joining amateur singing contests at the age of six. Now, he works as a home-based virtual assistant and a freelance singer for events and gigs with his band, and perceives Tawag ng Tanghalan as an easy ticket to give his own family a brighter future.


As we frantically wait for the upcoming Grand Showdown, let's take a look back to his triumphant journey as a daily winner.





Her mesmerizing beauty and captivating voice may be overwhelming but the fighter in her truly made her a fierce competitor through the grueling stages of Tawag Ng Tanghalan


And now, Arabelle dela Cruz entered the Grand Finals, emerging as one of the two last qualifying Ultimate Resbakers marching to Ang Huling Tapatan next week.


As Hurado Ogie Alcasid pointed out, she’s a “star” that won’t be missed. And truly she showed every piece of it through her journey on TNT. 





He is a journeyman. A handyman who sharpens handsaws for carpenters. A “manunulatatay ng Bukidnon”. Yet one thing keeps him apart—he’s a singer with that spine-tingling, powerful voice, reminiscent of classic rock band frontmen.


After a long, bumpy journey, Ato finally achieved what it seen as the final step towards reaching his dreams, entering the Grand Finals of Season 2 of Tawag ng Tanghalan. And this he attained after being the top Ultimate


Resbaker with an astonishing perfect score in the final showdown.


Let’s look back at his winning moments as a daily champion in the current season of the competition.