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5 Lessons we learned from Camille Villalobos on The Better Half

Mary Ann Bardinas September 05, 2017 10:50 PM
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She could be the luckiest girl in world as two dashing guys compete to win her heart. At the same time, this took a toll on Camille (Shaina Magdayao) as the distraught Bianca (Denise Laurel) sought to make her life miserable out of severe jealousy and envy.

But amidst Bianca’s wicked schemes, Camille remains so optimistic and invincible that everything would turn out well and she’d regain the peaceful life they’ve lost. As the most talked about afternoon series The Better Half is now down to its final week, let’s reminisce how Camille serves as an inspiration to many of us.

Learn to let go

Aside from change, another thing we need accept is moving on. While we let go of the things that are once very dear and important to us is terribly painful, we should courageously set them free if that would be the only way for us to have a better and happier life. And sometimes, it takes another person or more for us to accomplish this.

When Camille was mourning over the loss of her former beau Marco (Carlo Aquino), Rafael (JC de Vera) came to her rescue like a knight in shining armor. Through his undying love and support, she eventually got over with her predicament and he even helped her achieve her dream of having a school of her own. He gave her hope, faith, and motivation to still live. After all, sacrificing some stuff is necessary for us to attain the better things in life. Certainly, she doesn’t want to put all the great memories she had with Marco into waste, but choosing Rafael requires her to let go of those and forget the romance they had.

Never let anyone belittle you

Just like the famous maxim, no one would make you feel inferior unless you’d let them. Rafael’s overbearing mom, Helen, has been the primary antagonist in their blooming affair. Although Camille possesses the qualities every parent wants for their children and her son is too smitten with her, Helen belittles her and her family and even assumed that she’s just after their wealth. That of course hurt our mighty heroine so much, but in the end, Camille and Rafael fought for their love.

Unconditional love for family and friends

Despite now having a family of her own, Camille doesn’t forget to spend some quality time with her family and friends and her attitude towards them remained the same. She’s still a loving daughter to her parents and thoughtful sister to her Manong Julio. Her friendship with her best friend Sheryl (Regine Angeles) is stronger than ever, and even helped in the investigation of Sheryl’s unforeseen demise. After all, family and friends will always be there no matter what.

Slander should never be an option

The annulment process of her first marriage is tedious and disheartening, thus, Camille’s lawyer suggested that to make it easier for all of them, she should try to throw false and malicious statements at Marco. Of course, she was tempted but in the end did not pursue it, thinking such would disrepute Marco, whom she loved and shared good memories before everything got messed up.

Don’t let anyone destroy you

With all that has happened, it’s unimaginable how Camille still manages to be strong and remains sound. Aside from the legal matters she has to resolve and Marco bugging her to rekindle their romance, she also has to mind the deranged and vengeful Bianca. In order for her to achieve what she’s been yearning to have ever since, Camille has to muster all the remaining strength and sanity she possesses and face all those trying to drag her down with courage. Like her, we should show the world that with every setback, we can stand up and fight over and over again.

As The Better Half reaches its final week, will Camille’s wish for a life happily ever after with Rafael come true? That’s for all of us to find out on the concluding episodes, all this week after Pusong Ligaw.