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5 Lessons we can learn from Rafael Cabrera’s character on The Better Half

Mary Ann Bardinas September 04, 2017 11:12 PM
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The struggles Rafael (JC de Vera) and Camille (Shaina Magdayao) have to go through in their journey to a peaceful and love-filled forever were no joke. Aside from the legal battles, they also had to face the deranged Bianca (Denise Laurel) who yearns to win back Marco and get Camille out of their lives.

Rafael definitely captures the hearts of audiences as that knight in shining armor for the distressed Camille. As The Better Half nears its finale, what have we learned from this dashing and strong character?

Love conquers all.

Their story seem to be a case of an against-all-odds love affair -- Rafael’s domineering mom consistently disapproves of Camille, Marco is back to reclaim what he deems is meant for him, and Bianca’s vengeful deeds took a toll on their relationship. However, the two prove that nothing can separate them as they face every challenge that come their way hand-in-hand.

Stand up, speak up.

It’s a fact that communication is the key for a lasting and harmonious relationship, just like what Rafael has shown us since the first time he met Camille. He’s been very vocal about his thoughts and emotions, especially during that time when he stood to lose Camille to Marco.

Moreover, he’s never afraid to speak up when he knows he is right.

Never give up.

With all the excruciating struggles he experienced while he continuously fights for his beloved spouse, it’s possible that he would fall apart and decide to leave. But he didn’t. Instead, he chose to stay and join Camille in her battle. His words and unwavering love and support have been her source of strength and motivation to still go on with life and courageously face Bianca.

Learn from your mistakes.

We all make mistakes. But, recognizing and acknowledging those slips and blunders, and subsequently learning from them and making amends are what counts. When Rafael made that mistake of falling in love with another woman, he would realize and own up to it, and seek Camille’s forgiveness. And of course, learn from it as became more dedicated to the love of his life.

Patience is a virtue.

The annulment process of Marco and Camille’s marriage is tedious. But Rafael’s willingness to wait no matter how long or whatever it takes. As long as he knows the love that he and Camille shares remains true, he will patiently wait.

Will it be finally a “happy ever after” for Rafael and Camille? Don’t dare miss the concluding episodes of The Better Half this week after Pusong Ligaw on Kapamilya GOLD.