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Yes, we can learn life lessons from a vicious Bianca on “The Better Half”

Mary Ann Bardinas September 03, 2017 09:57 PM
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Apparently, many of us has developed anger and hatred towards Denise Laurel’s character, Bianca Buenaflor, on The Better Half as she relentlessly treaded the murderous path.

However, it’s undeniable that we also picked up some lessons in her pitiful journey of unrequited love.

Don’t let love fool you

Love is indeed the most powerful force in the world. It can make you do things unrealizable, testing how far will you go for the sake of obeying whatever you feel in your heart. When it comes to falling in love, we tend to just get overwhelmed by emotions and not use our intellect, which can lead to wrong decisions that we’ll eventually regret in the end.

Case in point: Bianca’s obsession  for Marco brought her to who and where she is now – feared, ruthless, and now in prison.  

Revenge can take you nowhere

Killing her Uncle Juancho (Epy Quizon) and her stepmom Clarita (Maila Gumila) made her feel that she already got the justice she’s been seeking since she was still younger. The former continually molested her while the latter ignored her cry for help. Bianca’s vicious, vengeful schemes claimed a lot of lives, including her beloved unica hija Julia Bianca (Cisum Ian Realeza), which devastated her.

Don’t rush to judge anyone

While Bianca might have taken the wrong path, we must not make any sweeping judgment on her. We must know why she turned out that way and understand where she came from.

Her terrible past, which included years of abuse in the hands of Juancho, made her seek and hang on to a love that she thought was real, given that mindset that no one could genuinely love her. And this led her to cling on to that fantasy no matter what, even if it would take a murderous rampage to keep it going.

Understanding her will help us avoid all the mistakes she made.

Trust must not come cheap

There’s a famous aphorism saying trust is like glass; once it’s broken, it will never be the same again. And this applies to what had happened to Bianca. She bestowed her trust to anyone around her and felt betrayed in the end.

Thus, before we could trust anyone, make sure that they are worthy of it, clearly exhibiting qualities of a person you can rely on through thick and thin.

You can’t keep a dark secret

Even if Bianca thought she did the perfect crime in murdering her victims, the truth will come out no matter how hard she tried to conceal it. Eventually her evil deeds caught up with her, with even her henchman Aris Jacob (Junjun Quintana) helping in bringing her to justice.

 Is there a chance for Bianca to turn a new leaf? Let’s all find out in the final episodes of The Better Half, weekdays after Pusong Ligaw.