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5 admirable things about Marco on “The Better Half”

Mary Ann Bardinas September 06, 2017 11:16 PM
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As we witness how the stories of four of The Better Half’s lead characters intertwine and continue to develop, it’s inevitable not to fall in love with Marco Saison (Carlo Aquino) -- with how he became a savior to both Camille (Shaina Magdayao) and Bianca (Denise Laurel) and how he expressed his love for them.

And now that the daytime thriller-drama is now on its final episodes, let’s reminisce a few things that we’re able to pick up from his character.

His ‘never-say-die’ spirit

Indeed, love can be compared to a basketball game. When you’re not attentive enough on the ball in your hands, you’re giving the opponents a chance to take that away from you. And that’s what happened to Marco. Due to what happened many years ago, his beloved pangga is now in the arms of another man. Initially, he agreed to the annulment of their marriage, but he then realized that his love for Camille didn’t diminish so he decided to still fight until she comes back to him amidst the unfavorable circumstances he has to face. He worked really hard to regain his possession of the woman he loves.

He’s a knight in shining armor

With Clarita’s (Maila Gumila) disapproval of his relationship with her daughter, Marco sternly said that he’s willing to take full responsibility of Bianca and their then-expected baby. He has been Bianca’s ultimate savior and only confidant when everyone in her life turned their backs to her until now, despite every perilous perils she has caused.

He stayed by Camille’s side as she had misunderstandings with Rafael (JC de Vera) and even risked his life just to rescue her family from their burning house. Although confronting his second wife could add gas to the fire, he did it anyway just to protect Camille and the people around them from her vengeful schemes. By the way, who would forget his heroic deed jn their first meeting years ago?

He knows how to accept defeat

Letting go of the things once dear and important to us could be very painful, but Marco has to deal with it for the sake of Camille’s happiness. His life used to revolve around her and he exerted all his efforts just to get her back. However, no matter how hard they tried, she’s now happy and in love with someone else. All those bittersweet memories and blissful years have to be set aside in order for them to achieve a harmonious life.

Besides, like what the aphorism says “letting go doesn’t mean giving up, but rather accepting that there are things that cannot be.”

He loves unconditionally

Even though Camille frankly told him that she’s completely moved on from whatever they had in the past, Marco incessantly wooed her taking every chance he had to win her heart again. Despite the pleas he received from everyone around him to stop the foolishness he’s doing, he just shrugged them off and

still pushes his unwavering feelings for her and continues to give all of him in the name of love whatever the repercussions might be.

Moreover, Marco still cares for the deranged Bianca amid everything she had done evil. He still visited her and expressed his willingness to help address her ailments.

He sticks to his promises

No matter how hard it is to keep promises, Marco proved that it could be possible. He remained faithful to his vow to Camille’s parents of finishing their education first before moving on to a lifetime commitment and to his pledge of loving her endlessly. However, some promises are still meant to be broken, as he renounced his approval regarding their annulment.

In the end, he willingly put his life in danger as he helps in the capture of the now notorious Bianca, which he pledged to Camille and Rafael.

Is there a chance for Marco to find happiness again? Let’s all find out in the highly anticipated ‘all-or-nothing’ finale of The Better Half, weekdays after Pusong Ligaw.