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The General’s Daughter: Rhian, di nailigtas ang mga tauhan ng kanyang Ama February 11, 2019 10:54 PM

Tiyago (Tirso Cruz III) is still on the hunt for Romer Peralta aka Regie Domingo, his former worker who disclosed his drug laboratory’s operations; in exchange of the one million peso reward offered by the military. He continues bugging Rhian (Angel Locsin) to know Regie’s whereabouts. Rhian finds out that Regie and his pregnant wife are staying in a safe house in Pangasinan under the custody of Pihilippines National Police (PNP).

Despite knowing the truth, Rhian keeps her silence every time Tiyago would ask her for an update. She knows that her father can easily order Regie and his family’s death. Therefore, Rhian tries her best to spare them from Tiyago’s hands. Knowing that Rhian is hiding something from him, Tiyago takes advantage of her sympathy and vows to forgive Regie once he sees him again. 

Regie’s wife plans to escape from the PNP and calls her brother to ask for rescue. Unknown to her, their relatives are held captive by Tiyago’s men who are just listening to their conversation. 

Upon knowing where to find the target, Tiyago immediately instructs Franco (Paolo Avelino) to kill Regie. Rhian rushes to Regie’s location in hopes of saving him. However, she came in too late and discovers Regie and his wife’s lifeless bodies as she arrives in the area.

Rhian still tries to check for the couple’s pulses but to no avail. Rhian comes home in fuming anger and empathy for the poor workers. She confronts Tiyago for Regie’s death but Tiyago denies her allegations. He acts innocent and twists the story by blaming the military once again. He also manipulates Rhian by tugging at her conscience, accusing his daughter of not trusting him enough. 

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