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The General’s Daughter: Corazon, nangako na ibabangon ang kanilang negosyo February 11, 2019 11:00 PM

Corazon (Eula Valdez) receives the quarterly sales report of her restaurant chains, Arabella’s. She finds out that several branches of Arabella’s are slowly losing profit due to the emergence of fast food chains and other competitors in the areas. 

Corazon has faith that the Arabella’s will be able to increase its sales again. Her staff reminds her that they need to move quickly in order to regain their income. Corazon thinks of strategies to save her business from the possible failure. She suggests conducting free cooking lessons again, the same approach that they used before to attract more customers.

Marcial (Albert Martinez) arrives at the restaurant and greets Corazon who is noticeably sad. Corazon informs him of the Arabella’s poor sales. For Corazon, it is more than just a business venture but her passion and life as well. Managing the Arabella’s has helped her cope with the pain of losing their eldest daughter, whom the establishment is named after. 

Marcial assures his wife that every problem has definitely a corresponding solution. He consoles Corazon who vows to do everything to save Arabella’s from its failing performance. 

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