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The General’s Daughter: Ethan, nagpigil na yakapin si Rhian February 11, 2019 11:05 PM

Rhian (Angel Locsin) forcefully went inside the military camp’s record section and looked for Regie Domingo’s files.  After the incident, she has been included in the list of suspects for investigation. To save Rhian from this trouble, Tiyago (Tirso Cruz III) uses his powers and threatens the camp’s janitress. The innocent woman, who only took the garbage from the room that night, claims the crime she has never committed; just to spare her family from death.

Rhian comes in the office of her superior, Captain Falcon (Lao Rodriguez) who informs her of her acquittal from the case. However, he reprimands Rhian for her absence without leave and for failing to respond to the call of duty. Still bothered by her conscience, Rhian asks Captain Falcon of the punishments that the janitress is bound to receive. Falcon refuses to give her details.

Meanwhile, Ethan (JC De Vera) is waiting for Rhian to come out of Falcon’s office. He is glad to hear that Rhian’s name is finally cleared. Rhian thanks her boyfriend for his trust and support.

Ethan assures her that he has always believed in her since the beginning. He knows that Rhian is a good woman and won’t be able to do anything against the law. Ethan expresses his desire to wrap his girlfriend in his arms but refuses to do so since they are still on duty. He promises to hug her later instead. 

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