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The General’s Daughter: Ang Paghaharap nina Rhian, Tiyago, Marcial, Corazon at Amelia May 15, 2019 10:57 PM

All her life, Rhian (Angel Locsin) was trained to become Marcial’s (Albert Martinez) murderer. The day has finally come for her biggest mission of taking Marcial’s own life in exchange of Elai’s (Arjo Atayde) and her other friends’.

Geared up with bravery and concern for Elai, Rhian meets with Marcial at the cemetery to accomplish her task. Marcial keeps mum about the truth as he faces Rhian, despite knowing that the latter is his missing child. He calmly asks Rhian to put her gun down.

But, determined to save Elai’s life, Rhian remains deaf with Marcial’s pleas. Before she is able to fire a bullet, Corazon (Eula Valdes) comes running and discloses a revelation that will change their world.
Rhian finds out that she is Corazon and Marcial’s daughter. She tears up while listening to her parents narrate the truth about her abduction. As a proof, Corazon shows a photo of the teddy bear Rhian would always see in her dreams.

Still, Rhian shots Marcial on his knee, causing the latter to fall off the ground. Tiyago smiles in content, believing that the revenge has already been accomplished. Amelia (Janice de Belen) starts firing at Rhian, igniting a shoot-out at the cemetery.

In their face-off, Tiyago still tries to manipulate Rhian into believing all his lies. Yet, Rhian has known better this time. Marcial and Corazon soon arrive and point their guns at Tiyago, until Amelia joins in the intense confrontation as well.

Three de Leons versus two Guerreros, yet, Marcial simply lets the opponents slip away. Rhian does not agree with Marcial’s actions of just letting Tiyago flee that easy, so she quickly runs after the enemies to handle things on her own.

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